Domino recently known as OG Domino (born Shawn Antoine Ivy) in 1972, also known as Genuine Draft, is a rapper from Long Beach, California. Domino made his debut with the rap group Bloods & Crips (Bangin On Wax) in 1993. Genuine Draft, is the first rapper, in order of video appearance, for the single track “Bangin’ on Wax on the album of the same name. Genuine Draft can be heard on songs such as: Bangin On Wax, Mackin To A Slob Bitch, Crip, Crip, Crip and Steady Dippin (album version). Genuine Draft and C-Note (female rapper) from bangin on wax, are both from Long Beach, Rollin 20’s Crip.

After Bangin On Wax, he signed to Outbust/Def Jam under the alias “Domino,” Which is also the same name of  his solo album, released in 1993. The had four singles: Ghetto Jam, Sweet Potato Pie, Money Is Everything, and Long Beach Thang. The album was certified gold in 1995, making him the most successful solo rapper from the Bloods & Crips. Domino released a single called “Tales From The Hood” featuring Chill (Compton Most Wanted), the song appeared on the soundtrack to the 1995 horror film of the same name. Domino is credit as the originator of the melodic rap style (Melodocious) becoming the highest debuting Hip Hop artist on Billboard Magazine’s Rap and R&B charts.


  • 2001: D-Freaked It
  • 1997: The World of Dominology
  • 1996: Physical Funk
  • 1993: Domino



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