Dorner Blocc Criminal Gang

The Edgemont Dorner Blocc Criminal Gang (DBCG) also known as the Dorner Blocc Criminals (EDBC). Which consist of three individual gangs, known as the Dorner blocc Crips (DBC), Edgemont Criminals Gang (ECG) and the Young Paper Chasers (YPC) who emerged as one powerhouse criminal gang in the Moreno Valley, region of Riverside County of California.

The Dorner Blocc Crips (DBC) also known as D-Blocc, are primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American  street gang located on the East Side in the Edgemont neighborhood of Moreno Valley, region of Riverside County, California. The Dorner Block Crips were started by the Brown Brothers, in the late 1990s or early 2000s around Dorner Drive, between Indian Street and Ramsdell Dr.

The Edgemont Criminal Gang (ECG) also known as the Edgemont Criminals, originated as a criminal organization on the West Side of the Edgemont neighborhood in Moreno Valley. The Edgemont Criminals build a reputation for robberies, grand theft auto (GTA) and home burglaries. the primary activities of the Edgemont gang are residential and school burglaries, and drug sales.

The Young Paper Chasers (YPC) are predominantly an African-American criminal street gang, which is also located in the Edgemont area of Moreno Valley. However, they changed their name to the Dead End Yard also known as the Dead End Gang. Their primarily activities include residential and school burglaries, and drug sales.

In The News

In 2013, the Dorner Blocc Crips made headlines after being linked to Keandre Narkie Johnson, who shot and killed an innocent 6-years-old Tiana Ricks. On September 7, Keandre Johnson and another male, who had mistaken a family celebration for gang-related party thrown by the Southside Mafia, who are bitter rivals of the Dornor Blocc Crips.

The two men approached the house, focusing their attention on 26-year-old Tyrell Ricks Jr. (Tiana father) who was standing in the driveway of their family home. Tiana’s grandfather stated, he thought the two-men were invited guests. However, without any warning the suspect’s fired multiple gunshots into the crowd from the driveway.

Tiana, was struck by fatal shot to the back, the bullet ripped through her the 6-year-old flesh and into her father pelvic. Tyrell Ricks attempted to carry his wounded daughter to safety, but the impact of the bullet knocked him off his feet. Tiana’s grandfather rushed to his granddaughter side and carried her inside the garage, as she gasped for breath.

Tiana’s family watched in tears as a near-by neighbor performed CPR, until help arrived. However, Tiana lost conscious and slowly died in a hospital, from time to her injuries. The aftermath of Tiana death, have touched the hearts of many Americans and notable celebrities such as Snoop Dogg (rapper) and The Game, who reached out to the family and volunteer to pay for the funeral. Keandre Narkie Johnson, was arrested days later on murder and attempted murder charges.

Allies & Rivals

The Dorner Blocc Crips and the Edgemont Criminal Gang as well as the Young Paper Chasers, have been allies for over a decade. They are rivals of the South Side Mafia, Sex Cash Murda Gang and the 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips, which is the biggest black gang in the city of Riverside.

In 2003, the Dorner blocc Crips formed an alliance with the Dead End Yard, formerly known as Young Paper Chasers and the Edgemont Criminals Gang, becoming known as the Edgemont Dorner Blocc Criminals. The merger between the three gangs, is the result of a common hatred for the Sex Cash Gang, which is considered the largest black gang in the city of Moreno Valley.

Their animosity for the Sex Cash Murda Gang, is expressed in derogatory terms such “Sex Fags” or “Sex Trash.” For instance, a Moreno Valley police officer, stated after arresting a member of the Edgemont Dorner Blocc. He notice that the alleged suspect had a tattoo of “Fuck Fags” branded on his skin.

Donyette Yvonne Clark, better known on the streets as “Lady No Joke” who was affiliated with the Young Paper Chasers was found guilty on four counts of attempted murder, and sentenced to 80 years to life. In 2007, Carl Bryant, also known as “Bullet,” a member of the Sex Cash was in front of his friend Davis house, located on Cagney Court (cu de sac).

Carl Bryant, was conversating with fellow gang members of the Sex Cash Murder Gang, when he notice a car making a U-Turn on Unity, and within seconds fired multiple shots before speeding off. Prior to the shooting, Carl Brian had previously drove by a house surrounded by members of the Young Paper Chasers, which included Lady No Joke who is affiliated with Lady Paper Chasers, a female clique of the YPC.

Davis, tried to make a run for it when a bullet penetrated through his stomach and made an exit through his back. Davis father, carried his son to the garage, where his mother dialed 911 for help. Davis was hospitalized for  a week, but managed to recover. The shooter’s were later identified as the Lady No Joke and Kwantae Williams, also known streets as K-Dogg of the Edgemont Gang.

One of the founding member’s of the Dorner Blocc Crips was allegedly killed by a member of the Sex Cash Murda Gang. On Feb 12, 2007, a 15-year-old freshman Allen White, was a young member of the Dorner Blocc Crips when he was shot and killed in front of his school (Vista Del Lago High) by Christopher Butler, a member of the Sex Cash Gang.

On April 6, 2007, Dwight Webber, a known member of the Unknown Mafia a clique of the Sex Cash Gang, was shot and killed in his car at the intersection of Finley and Perham, which is considered the territory of the Dorner Blocc Crips.

A talented local rapper by the name The Faze, also known as Faze Lucciano released a song titled “Moreno Valley City Limits.” He Faze Lucciano mention these two feuding gangs and a string of murders that occurred in Moreno Valley. The gang-related shootings, between the Dorner Blocc Criminals and the Sex Cash Murda Gang as well as the South Side Mafia along with the Moreno Valley 13, have contributed to the city of Moreno Valley being dubbed as the “Murda Val.”




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