The East LA 13 (ELA 13) or  also known as Varrio East LA 13 the ELA, is an acronym for East Los Angeles are a Mexican-American Sureño street gang, located in East Los Angeles, California. The East LA 13 Dukes originated in the Aliso Village government housing projects in East Los Angeles,California. However, in 1999, the Aliso Village Projects was dismantled and is now known as the Del Rio Housing Projects.

The East LA 13 Dukes relocated around Cesar Chavez Avenue and Michigan Avenue, between First Street and North Fickett Street in East Los Angeles. The East LA 13 Dukes consist of several cliques such as the East LA Tiny Dukes (TDS), Tiny Lokos (TLS), W. Blvd Side and Pee Wees (PWS).

Allies And Rivals

The main rivals of the East LA 13, are the Varrio Cuatro Flats, Varrio Breed StreetMob Crew and all Maravilla Gangs.



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