The East LA 13 (ELA 13) or  also known as Varrio East LA 13 the ELA, is an acronym for East Los Angeles are a Mexican-American Sureño street gang, located in East Los Angeles, California. The East LA 13 Dukes originated in the Aliso Village government housing projects in East Los Angeles,California. However, in 1999, the Aliso Village Projects was dismantled and is now known as the Del Rio Housing Projects.

The East LA 13 Dukes relocated around Cesar Chavez Avenue and Michigan Avenue, between First Street and North Fickett Street in East Los Angeles. The East LA 13 Dukes consist of several cliques such as the East LA Tiny Dukes (TDS), Tiny Lokos (TLS), W. Blvd Side and Pee Wees (PWS).

Allies And Rivals

The main rivals of the East LA 13, are the Varrio Cuatro Flats, Varrio Breed StreetMob Crew and all Maravilla Gangs.



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  1. Cheese LA got kicked the fucked out of what they claimed their hood after their broke ass projects were demolished by the Big Bad ass BREEED ST GANG! That’s right BREED LIFE until the wheels fall off!

    • East up ! Green eyes Silent Marcos Que-no ? you and gilbert puppet were tight back in the day .. soy Midgets and Bandits carnal Spidermike.. Much Respecto towards your way…

  2. The picture You have for EAST LA 13 is form another gang ES13 short for east side 13 is a totally different gang there from east side south central l.a big qvo to to my fellow east sider .And the correct way to label this gang is EAST LA 13 that’s it. EAST LA 13 was establish in East LA not Boyle heights ! in the year 1976 . also having two clicks in Boyle heights the ELA13 Tiny Dukes and Aliso Village ELA13 Dukes along with other smaller clicks.. soy SPIDERMIKE DE EAST LA 13 O.G WHITTIER BLVD SIDER SURENO RIDER.

    • Hey spidermike.
      No disrespect but do you remember a gang or click from the ’60s in that same area known as the ‘spiders’ that’s it just ‘spiders’.
      The reason I asked is cause of the area and your name.
      They were rivals to the ‘snakes’
      The reason I ask is cause this old guy.. Prob 65 originally from that area was telling me stories about that.
      Any info would be a cool history lesson.