Made in America - fruit town piru

The Elm Street Pirus (ESP) also known as Elm Lane Mafia, East Side Pirus, and Elm Street Mob. The Elm Street Pirus are primarily an African-American street gang located on the east side of Compton, California.

Elm Street Pirus sport the traditional Piru color “burgundy” as well as red. The Elm Street Pirus are known to incorporate  the term “356%” in their graffiti and slang. Due to the fact, 356 is the number you get if you dial “Elm” on a telephone.

The Elm Street Pirus have several cliques such as: 700 Block (Poinsettia Ave)1000 Block (Mayo Ave)700 Block (Burris Ave)1000 Block (Sloan Ave)1000 Block (Kemp Ave), and 1000 Block (Sloan Ave). Their neighborhood sits directly west of their ally the Lueders Park Piru. Other allies include: Cedar Block Piru, Tree Top Piru, Fruit Town Piru, and the West Side Piru.

The Elm Street Pirus mainly feud with gangs throughout the east side of Compton, their enemies include the Santana Blocc Compton CripsPalm And Oak Gangster CripsKelly Park Compton Crips, South Side Compton Crips, and the Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats. 2nd II None (rap group), is also affiliated with the Elm Street Pirus.


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