The Ghetto Boyz Gang (GBZ), also known as the Ghetto Boyz (GBZ) or Ghetto Lifers are predominantly, but not exclusively, a Mexican-American criminal street gang, located on the East Side in South Central Los Angeles, California. The Ghetto Boyz were established during the 1980s and claimed the areas bordered by Adams Avenue to Jefferson Blvd between San Pedro Street and Grand Avenue.

The Ghetto Boyz Gang also claim territory around the Maple Liquor and Market (store) located on Maple Avenue and 30th Street, which is considered the “heart” of their barrio. The primary cliques of the Ghetto Boyz, are the 28th Street Locos and the 27th Street Locos and the 25th Street Locos. Other cliques are the Adams Locos, Pee Wees (PWS), and the Tiny Gangsters (TGS).

Allies & Rivals

The Ghetto Boyz are allies of the Eazy Riders (ERS) and former allies of the East Side Varrio 36th Street Gang. These gangs formed around the same time and feuded with older established gangs in the area, such as the Clanton 14th Street and 23rd Street Primera Flats, two of the oldest street gangs in East South Los Angeles.

The Ghetto Boyz (BGZ) had a fierce rivalry with the 23rd clique of the Primera Flats (PF) over the “Trinity Park” (recreation center) located on Trinity Street near 25th Street. However, both gangs claimed 25th Street as being part of their territory, causing a history of bad blood. Many have died as a result of this deadly rivalry, including innocent bystanders with no gang affiliation.

For instance, on April 11, 2002, an eight-year-old boy playing at the Trinity Park, died after being struck in the chest by a stray bullet, during a gang-related shooting between the Ghetto Boyz and the Primera Flats. However, the Ghetto Boyz denounced the park as territory, do to unwanted attention from the police and possibly being green-lighted by the Mexican-Mafia (over innocent kids and females being killed), according to a respected member of the Ghetto Gang.

During the early 1990s, the Ghetto Gang had a rivalry feud with the 29th Street Gang. In 1992, members of the Ghetto Boyz shot and killed a member of the 29th Street Gang. The following night, members of the 29th Street Gang retaliated by killing a member of the Ghetto Boyz. Other early rivals of the GBZ Gang are the 39th Street Gang, 41st Street Gang, Playboys 13, Hang Out Boys (HOB), Saints Street Gang, Carnales 13Washington Boys (WNBS) and the 55 Bunch Gang.

Dead Homiez

Lil Silent, is an American Chicano rapper and original member of the South Central Ghetto Boyz Gang. He is best known for his tribute songs dedicated to the memories of fallen members of the Ghetto Boyz Gang. Lil Silent also dedicated a song to Christina Salazar,  also known as Lil Chucky, a 17-year-old female who was shot to death near Maple Avenue and Adams Boulevard, on March 2, 2011.

  • Christina Lil Chuckie Salazar (August 17, 1993 – March 2, 2011)
  • Perico (1993) died in a drive-by shooting on 25th Street.
  • Goofy
  • Big Lucky
  • Gato
  • P-Nut (1992)
  • Big Morro (1992)
  • Ernie (1990) The first member of the Ghetto Boyz to die in a gang-related shooting.
  • Pee Wee (1980s)



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