Hustler Crips (South Los Angeles)

The Hustler Crips is a large umbrella consisting of several individual African-American street gangs located throughout South Los Angeles, California. The Hustler Crips sub-sets have been around for several generations with gangs in different regions of Los Angeles, South CentralCompton, Gardena, and in the city of Hawthorne, California.

Gangs that fall under the Hustler Crips are loosely connected and are not necessary allies of each other. For example, the Hard Time Hustler Crips are affiliated with the Neighborhood Crips (Deuce 2X) and the 73 Hustler Crips are connected to the Gangster Crips (Trays 3X).

There are several known gangs that originated as “Hustlers” such as the 55 Neighborhood Crips (55 Hustlers) and the Mansfield Gangster Crips (Mansfield Hustlers) as well as the Lueders Park Piru (Lueders Park Hustlers) in the city of Compton. Many people assume, that the 46 Neighborhood Crips originated from the 46 Top Dollar Hustler Crips.

However, the 46 Neighborhood Crips and the 46 Top Dollar Hustler Crips are two different independent street gangs, that were established on 46th Street on the West Side of South Los Angeles. The Playboy Hustler Crips and the Playboy Gangster Crips, are often perceived as being a single unit. However, they are two completely separate gangs.

The Raymond Hustler Street Crips are the only gang in Compton, who claim Hustler Crips, likewise the Gardena Hustler Crips are the only gang residing in Gardena, who falls under Hustler Crips. The Hustler Crips operate independently, which means each Hustler Crip set carry their own allies and Rivals.

Hustler Gangs

  • 4th Street Hustler Crips
  • 46 Top Dollar Hustler Crips
  • 73 Hustler Crips
  • Acacia blocc hustler crips
  • All By Myself Hustlers
  • Big Time Hustler Crips
  • EastSide Hustler Crips
  • HardTime Hustlers Crips
  • Home Side Hustlers Gang
  • Gardena Hustler Crips
  • Playboy Hustler Crips
  • Raymond Street Hustler Crips


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  1. Yeah the Hustler Card lost alot hoods 61st Hustlers, now 61 Harvard Park Brims, 68 Playboy Hustler Crips, Menlos and NH67C send them out. Hard Times Hustlers, East Side Hustlers, 73 Hustlers NK Gangstaz Crips, By Yourself, and Mansfield turn Gangstaz Crip 3x, 55,56,57 Hustlers turn NHC, same as 46,47,48, IG got alot of hustler sets Hustlers Squad Clique 2x, Cornell Blocc Hustler Crips, Ramona Blocc Hustler Crips. Far as the Raymond St Hustler Compton Crips dem fools now SBCC