LA Denver Carril Bloods DLB

The Denver Lane Bloods (DLB), also known as the Denver Lane Gangster Bloods (DLGB), dubbed Figueroa Rider Gang (FRG) are a notorious African-American street gang located on the West Side of South Los Ángeles, California. They are named after a residential street called “Denver Ave,” between Hoover and Figueroa Streets. The Vermont Vista neighborhood is a stronghold for the Denver Lane Bloods.

Their neighborhood stretches from 105th Street to 120th Street between Vermont and Grand Avenues. The Denver Lane Bloods share their neighborhood with the South Los 13, a Mexican-American street who mainly feud with the Florencia 13. The 110 (Harbor) Freeway, acts as the borderline between the Denver Lanes, Broadway Gangster Crips and the 118 East Coast Blocc Crips.

During the 1970s, independent gangs such as the Denver Lanes, Brims, Bounty Hunters, Van Ness Gangsters, Chain Gang, among others, fed up with the Crips formed the Bloods. The Denver Lane’s cliques consist of 106th Street Lanes, 108th Street Lanes, 109th Street Lanes, 111th Street Lanes, and 115th Street Lanes.

The Denver Lane Gangster Bloods also have a subset in Pasadena, a city in the San Gabriel Valley. This subset is known as the Pasadena Denver Lanes (PDL), which formed another subset in Altadena, known as the Altadena Denver Lanes (ADL) AKA Altadena 50s. These subsets mainly feud with the Altadena Blocc Crips and the Pasadena Raymond Ave Crips.

The Damu Ridas, was a popular rap group from the 1990s, consisting of real-life Bloods from South Central, Inglewood, and the Watts region of Los Angeles. B-Brazy (rapper), was a well-known member of the Denver Lanes Bloods (109th Street) and considered one of the most popular members of the Damu Ridas. Other Denver Lanes, from the Damu Ridas era, included Eightball, June Dawg, Peanut 2 aka KP, Lil’ Laniak 2, and G-Len aka O.G. Len.

Allies And Rivals

The Denver Lane Bloods are cliqued up with the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods to form the “Mafia Lanes” or “Denver Mafias” and the Athens Park Bloods. They are also friendly towards the Harvard Park Brims, Blood Stone Villians, and the Weirdos Gangster Bloods.

The Denver Lane Bloods arch enemies are the Hoover Criminals (92, 94, 83, and the 107 Hoover Criminal Gangs), Hard Time Hustler Crips, and the Raymond Avenue Crips, located in the West Athens neighborhood of South Los Angeles. East of the 110 Freeway, their rivals are the 112 Broadway Gangster Crips and the 118 East Coast Blocc Crips.

West of Vermont Avenue, their main enemies are the Underground Crips and all Neighborhood Crips (especially the 111 Neighborhood Crips and 112 Neighborhood Crips). The Denver Lanes are rivals of the Inglewood NeighborHood Pirus, Mad Swan BloodsInglewood Family Gang, among others, despite being bloods.

In 1995, Laniak II (of the Damu Ridas), was killed in front of his kids by Campanella Park Pirus, a street gang based in Compton.




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