Lincoln Park BloodsLPB

The Lincoln Park Bloods (LPB) are a predominately African-American Street gang located in the Lincoln Park region of Southeast San Diego, California.  The Lincoln Park Bloods was originally known as “Paul Lowe’s Control”, throughout the 1970s. However, this eventually changed to “Lincoln Park Piru/Syndo Mob” in the late 1970s. Nevertheless, they changed their name to “Lincoln Park Bloods” around 1986.

The Lincoln Park Bloods territory is near Logan Ave and around John F Kennedy Park, which they refer to as “Lincoln Park” which sits on Euclid Avenue, between Ocean Blvd and Manomet Street, just east of the Jacob Dekema Freeway. They dominate the “Bay Vista” apartment complex (The Dip), which sits directly across the street of the JFK Park.

Bloods traditional color’s are either red or burgundy, however, members of the Lincoln Park Bloods are known to sport green as their signifying color, along with red. The Lincoln Park Bloods created a murder clique called “Termite squad” which is responsible for a large portion of the gang homicides, similar to the italian Murder Inc.

Mitchy Slick and the Lincoln Park Bloods was featured on the History Channel, television show Gangland episode (Vendetta Of The Bloods). Monster Kody Scott from “Eight Tray Gangster Crips” also mention the Lincoln Park Bloods in memoir (The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member).

Allies & Rivals

In the early 1980s, Lincoln Park Pirus shared an alliance with the Skyline Pirus. In 1984, crack cocaine flooded the streets of Southeast, San Diego. This also put a strain on the Lincoln Park relationship with the Skyline Piru, which resulted in drive-by shootings and gang related murders.

The Lincoln Park Bloods can be found outside of Southeast San Diego, in area such as: Portland Oregon and Atlantic Georgia. Allies include: are the 5-Nine Brims and the Emerald Hills Gangster BloodsRivals include: Skyline Piru, Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, O’Farrell Park Bangsters, and the West Coast Crips.

Mitchy Slick and Don Diego, are both (rappers) from the Southeast district of San Diego, with affiliation to the Lincoln Park Bloods.



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