Linda Vista Crips 1960s

The Linda Vista Crips (LVC), also known as the Linda Vista Rollin 60s Crips (1960s) and 1222 Crips (12-Twenty Two) is a multi-ethnic street gang which operates on the North Side of the Linda Vista, community in San Diego, California. They share their community (Linda Vista) with the Tiny Oriental Crips (TOC) and the Linda Vista 13 (LV13), an Latino gang.

The Linda Vista Crips originated around the Linda Vista Recreation Center (community park), which sits directly on  Levant Street between Genevese Ave and Linda Vista Road. On April 20, 2013, the Linda Vista Park, was featured in the news after the death of 19-year-old Richard “Richi” Knight, who was stabbed twice in the chest and once in the back during a gang-fight between two rival gangs.

Operation Blue Rags

In the early 1990s, the Linda Vista Crips were part of an nine-month investigation conducted by local, state and federal agencies. The investigation was dubbed “Operation Blue Rags” and focused on the Linda Vista Crips, West Coast Crips and the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, located in the Northeast region of San Diego, California. Law enforcement believe the Meth being sold on the streets come from super labs in Mexico.

The Operation Blue Rags, resulted in seventy-six arrests, during a two-day gang sweep. Which target key players in the methamphetamine, marijuana and crack cocaine drug trade. On November 30, 1990, local, state and federal officials launched “Operation Red Rag”, which is a sequel to Operation Blue Rags where law officers fixate their attention on Bloods and Pirus street gangs, located in the Southeast region of San Diego.

Allies And Rivals

The Linda Vista Crips are allies of the Tiny Oriental Crips and the Oriental Killer Boys, as well as the Oriental Mob Crips. Their main rivals are the Linda Vista 13 also known as Varrio Linda Vista,



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