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Marvin Gangster Crips

Marvin Gangsters

The Marvin Gangster Crips (MGC) also known as the Marvin Gangsters (MG) are an African-American street gang based in West Los Angeles, California. Named after Marvin Avenue, a street located West of Hauser Blvd, between Venice Blvd and Washington Blvd. The Marvin Gangster Crips fall under the 3X Gangster Crips (GC) umbrella.

During the 1980s, the Marvin Gangsters wore three golf balls emblems on their hats to signify their affiliation with Gangster Crips, according to “Monster: Autobiography of an LA Gang Member”, a memoir written by author Sanyika Shakur, better known on the streets as Monster Kody, a former member of the Eight Tray Gangster Crips.

The Marvin Gangster Crips are noticed for being linked to Shorty of  Da Lench Mob, a popular rap group founded by rapper/actor Ice Cube, during the early 1990’s. Da Lench Mob released two albums before parting ways. G-Corleon, is an independent rapper affiliated with the Marvin Gangster Crips

Allies And Rivals

They are allies of gangs under the Gangster Crips 3x card such as the Eight Tray Gangster Crips and the School Yard Crips. Their closest blood rivals are the Black P Stones and the Rollin 20s Neighborhood Crips, based in the West Adams community of South Los Angeles. Their crip rivals include all Neighborhood Crips and all Rollin O’s, such as the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips. Other rivals include the Geer Gang Crips, Venice Shoreline Crips and the Mansfield Gangster Crips.

In the mid-1990s, a member of the Mansfield Gangster Crips was shot and killed by a member of the Marvin Gangster Crips. In 1998, the Mansfield Gangster Crips returned gunfire by killing a member of the Marvin Gangster Crips. In 1999, one of the suspected gunmen was murdered and the other was charged with first degree murder. Both gangs are bordered by Venice Blvd, with the Marvins to the South and the Mansfields to the North.





73 Comments on Marvin Gangster Crips

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  2. Marvin Gangster Crips should come to Lindsay, California

  3. Ain’t gonna lie the Marvin gc3x getting that paper tho, shout out to the old homie poptart, theres real niggaz from every hood,real niggaz fuck with real ones

    • Ain’t no pop tart from marvin or is there is went to school with the marvins and the Geer’s I remember pop tart from GEER

      • You idiot that ain’t his hood name, that was my homie at Horace Mann and foshay, cuzz aint from ggc, cuzz from Marvin gc3x ,that’s what we called him,at school ,,, his mom and family from mgc3,different nigga, seen cuzz go hard on a fellow homie who got put on ggc, bacc in the day, cuz got kids, he hung it up, that’s life

      • Poppasmurf,i know him as poptart, nigga is u a snitch??

  4. Fucc that! xaxy cyco MGC. Nigga we xollin heavy out hexe in ATL. Fucc you mean!

  5. Starvins never been active.They never been through no war because it’s only a hand full just watch the video they kids are deeper than them.😂😂

    • Stfu monkey face, yawl ain’t shit, why 18st got u niggaz in a little colodersacc off sycamore av and Adams lol, yaw don’t be on Mansfield av on Washington, Marvin, and vslcg got yawl scared, stains to

  6. Mansfields Run WestLA
    These doo2kies got us fucked up.
    My young niggas is pushin for
    Unity In The West and whoever ain’t wit it gettin smashed, on PFthalok.
    WestLaTrayz against everybody and imma die bout that!

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      • Anonymous // June 12, 2016 at 9:46 am //

        yea what he said 2 live crew In daaaaaaaaaaaa house bitch

    • yea rocacock that was horrible music man I heard better beasts coming from my butt.

    • This video and rappers are horrible they had to get a bunch of kids to play thugs because there gang is very small I don’t think Marvin is 10 deep they been around for a min but never been a deep strong bang.👎🏽👎🏽

  8. West up with my nigga creek boy cuh out yet

  9. Always been weak..marvins geers & mansfield..pbg & syc got atleast a handful of niggas..but none of them kan fuck wit the jungles stones bity stone 20S or the Brims

  10. Yu c way it is cuz dis tr3yi Westside of Atlanta m3vin gangster crop loc 3x gang or dnt xang

  11. Any of you know quiz or jaybone

  12. Geer gang cuzz. Fucc 18st we. Still. Here



  15. even if i’m a policewoman i must admit it’s a well-done video

  16. Fuck is this bullshit y’all talking? Niggah this Marvin, og fat cat capone and what!

  17. Like to pay homage to the homies that were lost to this fuck up war we been for decades.E*BALL,SHANDOG,BIG MANIAC,LILMANIAC,LIL WICKED,LAZY,BIG SMILEY.and thoze captured by slave owners in that iron plantation. Trayz homiez Marvin 4 life og C*ROC

    • It’s called a “Nigger War”. The Nigger was born to kill another Nigger. It comes natural.

      • Anonymous // October 24, 2016 at 1:35 pm //

        rocco… somebody needs to find yo’ bitch net bangin ass & straight murk you off the face of the internet and this earth!!! foe real homie!!!

  18. Much love to all the MARVINZ world wide…

    • Worldwide?? What a joke. They are one little Nigger Set in Los Angeles. Get Real. LMAO

      • Anonymous // October 24, 2016 at 1:45 pm //

        hey rocco…..what is your address?…I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU SO WE CAN…….TALK…(i really admire shit talkin’ rascist ass net bangers!!!)


  20. MARVIN 4 LIFE STAY UP LOCCcz with love frm C*ROC

  21. The eses fucccin piss stains up,the geers lost they hxxd Marvin gang active hit the ave and c.

    • you a fucking liar Bl5Xd aint no ese fucking nothing up over here Bl5Xd thats on St5XneKs faketeensK losing turf and getting smashed Jays up til my days up This Black P. St5XneKs fuc18K any enemies from the Jays to the Bitieks

      • Nigga why 18 St hitting up in yo hood, cause they’re in the Jay’s lol, you forgot when they cutt your homies head off on Buckingham, and put his head on a stop sign lol, 18 St be letting yawl have it

    • fuck you starving ass liars Bl5Xd didnt the faketeensK take over you turf? smh JUNGLekS to the BITIeKS faketeenK free zone ask Bl5Xd name sumthin you hear crickets.

  22. Og mar3ins: jacc rabbit, lucky , scott dog, black dog, wicket#1 c- stone short dog ricc dog 8 ball new ball green eyes tray ball eddy boy bosco smile1&2 shan dag screw ball s phyco mike and all the others who created this great movement of ours love my homies. Rabbit loc

  23. What up cuz? Yall active this rabbit og MGC it was me lucky scott dog short dog tray ball 8 ball c stone ect whobstarted this shit all respect to g homies i didnt mention but when we say movin3x its all over that map

  24. West side Marvins world wide.Seattle, Tacoma, Atlanta,Gangstas taking over

  25. This big rabbit og founder of Marvin. We always did what we do . smallest hood wit the biggest heart . i love my homies. And new aves carry the torch the way we Gs respect 3bang forever

  26. Active in seattle too

  27. West Los Angeles Marvin gangsta crip trays we still holding it down in our hood 18st didn’t take over our turf that was the queers they took… M Ave Gang or don’t bang!!

  28. what they like 10 deep and with the kids maybe 15 deep thats starvin // January 8, 2016 at 12:36 am //
  29. Cuhz movin

  30. What craccing Cuzz MGC cool LA LA laying 6ig Cs Montgomery,Alabama westside up

  31. This guy bangin geer where is yall hood 18 took yall shit yall couldnt handle that war we been in wars the marvins still standing on washington and marvin ave

  32. Fucc 18st and all you weak ass niggas hatin on Geer niggas… We chase money and stacc money while y’all sti bkanging… Geer Shit worldwide…

  33. We active in Memphis too. West side Marvin ave. Gangsta crip 4 life.

  34. This guy dont know his gangbangin 18 never took the marvin hood they took geer gang hood i live in the marvins and always see them out they won the war against the mansfield

  35. Lol this guy dont know his gangbangin 18st neva took the marvin hood fuckin dumass they took geer gang hood the marvins is still out i live in they hood always see them out hangin they won the war against the mansfield gc

  36. 18st. Took. Marvin. And. Geer crips hood but not black p stone bloods marvin and geer were. Weak anyway

  37. The marvins are active real west la gangs playboys and the marvins im telling you

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