Miller Gangster Bloods

Miller Gangster Bloods

The Miller Gangster Bloods (MGB) are an African-American street gang formed in the East Side of South Los Angeles (formerly known as South Central). in the 1970’s. Their neighborhood sits on 120th Street, around Avalon Blvd and Central Ave. Their neighborhood consists of 118st119st (Nine blk), and 120th Street (Dub blk).

The Miller Gangster Bloods are West of Carver Park Compton Crips and East of 118 Street East Coast CripsOG Mack, who established the New York, United Blood Nation” has criminal ties to the Miller Gangster Bloods. The MGB are clicked up with the Athens Park Bloods, this alliance is referred to as “Athens Miller” or “Miller Athens.”

Allies & Rivals

Allies include: Village Town Piru, Athens Park Bloods,West Side Piru, and the Campanella Park PiruRivals include: 118th East Coast Blocc Crips116th Avalon Gangster Crips, Holmes Street Watts Crips, 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips,  Kitchen Crips, and all Compton Crips.


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