Oak Park Bloods

The Oak Park Bloods (OPB), are an African-American street gang located in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California. Founded in the early 1980s, by bloods from Los Angeles, who traveled to Northern California during the crack epidemic era. Making them one of the oldest blood gangs in South Sacramento. Their subsets consist of the Fourth Ave Bloods, 33rd Street, and the 12th Ave Bloods.

The Oak Park Bloods, originally known as the 456 Oak Park Neighborhood Bloods, according to “Sons Of A Queen” (Natural Born Leaders), an autobiography by Nigel Collins, founder of the Oak Park Bloods and active member of the 456 Island Pirus, a street gang based in Pomona, a city located in the Pomona Valley, between the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley.

The Fourth Avenue Bloods (FAB), also known as “Fuck A Bitch” are the largest and original subset of the Oak Park Bloods. Founded at 4th Ave Park (Pebble Beach) in Oak Park. The Fourth Ave Bloods often associate themselves with 6-1-2, which is the number code for F.A.B. (Fourth Ave Bloods). Ridezilla, also known as Underworld Zilla (UZ) are a clique of the Oak Park Bloods operating in the Southern region of Oak Park.

In The News

In 2009, Nicholas Newsome, also known as Lil Nick or Nicholi Soltize, a local rapper from Oak Park Bloods (4th Ave) was arrested for the shooting death of 22 years-old David Blanks, who was a member of the Garden Blocc Crips (29th Street). The incident happened outside the Center Court in North Natomas, a popular restaurant/nightclub owned by retired American professional basketball player Chris Webber of the Sacramento Kings.

Blanks was shot six times in front of his fiancée, who later identified Newsome as the shooter. Newsome and another suspect were arrested for the shooting death of Blanks, both men received 40-years in prison.

Allies And Rivals

The Oak Park Bloods are allies of the Valley Hi PirusMeadowview Bloods, and Gunz Up, due to their common rivalry with the G Mobb located in the G-Parkway area of Sacramento. Other rivals include the Garden Blocc Crips, Valley Hi Crips, North Highland Gangster Crips and the Nogales Street Gangster Crips.

On August 22nd, 2008, a confutation between members from the Oak Park Bloods and members from the Guttah Bois, a clique of the G Mobb led to a fatal shootout at a house party, located on Detroit Blvd in the Meadowview neighborhood in Sacramento. The shooting claimed the life of 16-year-old Robert Haynes (Oak Park), who died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head killing him instantly.

Police arrested Marvin Barksdale, an active member of the Guttah Boise, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 26 years in prison.



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