PlayBoy Hustler Crips

The PlayBoy Hustler Crips (PBHC) are an active American-American crip gang on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California. The Playboy Hustler Crips, consist of several cliques such as the 68 PlayBoy Hustlers and the 69 PlayBoy Hustlers as well as the 86 Playboy Hustler Crips along with the 93 PlayBoy Hustlers and the 95 PlayBoy Hustlers.

The PlayBoy Hustler Crips falls under the Hustler Crips and the Gangster Crips (Trays 3X) umbrella. Trouble Loc (female rapper), former member of the Bloods & Crips (rap group), who debuted on Bangin on Wax 2…The Saga Continues  (album), on a song called “Slobs Keep On Slippin” (second verse shared with Awol of Kelly Park Compton Crips) in 1993, is affiliated with this gang.

Allie & Rivals

The PlayBoy Hustler Crips, are often confused with one of their allies the Playboy Gangster Crips, who also falls under the Gangster Crips card, due to both gangs beginning with the “PlayBoy” moniker. Other allies include the PlayBoy Style Crips, and the 73 Hustler Crips. They are rivals of the Menlo Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, all gangs under the Neighborhood Crips (Deuce 2X).


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