Raymond Chow

Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, birth name is Kwok Cheung (Chinese: 周國祥) in 1959 in Hong Kong, is a Chinese-American ex-leader of  the Hop Sing Boys and  2nd highest ranking member  of the American division of  the Wo Hop To Triad. Raymond Chow grandmother gave him the nickname Shrimp Boy, due to his small size

Prior to his association with Wo Hop To, he was the leader of the Hop Sing Boys, a San Francisco Chinatown street gang  that was  referred to as “enforcers for the Hop  Sing Tong“, Raymond Chow was also present at the scene of the Golden Dragon Massacre  in  1977. In 1978 Shrimp Boy was founded guilty in 1978 for strong-arm robbery and sentenced to 11 years of which he did 7 years and 4 months.

He was set free in 1985, only to realise that his former gang the Hop Sing Boys was defected and Chinatown was dominated by the Wah Ching Gang. Raymond Chow started running a protution ring, when he was approached by the leader of the Wah Ching gang “Danny Wong”  who ask him to be a part of the Wah organization, but Chow refused.

On May 31, 1986 Raymond was at a popular night club in Chinatown when a Wah Ching Gang member started an altercation and Chow was accused of 28 counts of assault with a lethal firearm, and attempted murder, Raymond did 3 years behind bars and was released in 1989.

Peter Chong and the Wo Hop To Triad

Peter Chong was sent from Hong Kong to the United States by the Wo Hop To Triad to dominate all the underworld Asian Chinatown gangs, starting with San Francisco, Ca. Peter Chong needed muscle so he recruited Raymond Chow making him the 2nd highest ranking in the USA Wo Hop Toe division.

After the murder of Danny Wong in 1991, the remaining members of the Wah Ching was forced out the Bay Area and fled to Los Angeles, CA. The Wo Hop To took control over all criminal activity in SF Chinatown.  Peter Chong and Raymond Chow had plans to form an umbrella organization called Tien HaWui (“Whole Earth Association”).

Until 1992, when Chow was apprehended for racketeering which was then divided into 2 different trials. The  initial trial for firearm trafficking and the 2nd for prostitution, drug, money laundering, unlawful gambling functions, arson, hire for murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Raymond was pronounced guilty in 1995, Chow was penalized and sentenced to 24 years on  6 counts of firearm-trafficking.

When Peter Chong was caught, Chow cooperated with authorities and testified against his  previous boss in Wo Hop To and was released after serving 11 years of his sentence. He worked together  and turned state witness when his ex boss and fellow comrade had  tossed him under the bus  as well as employed his defense lawyer. In 1996 Chow was once more for racketeering of which he  got 38 counts, never the less there was a  hung jury and 4 counts were dropped.

A Changed Man

Since his release in 2003 Raymond Chow has actually not been given his visa back or given witness protection by the federal  government as part of his plea arrangement. He has worn a monitor on his ankle for practically 10 years considering that  his release and is not permitted to make  any sort of cash.

He has not committed any kind of any sort of criminal offense and promises to lead a criminal free life. He now claims to live a  righteous and honest life, and is  presently the head of  Hung Moon Ghee Kong Tong, a fraternal  organization in San  Francisco  occasionally referred to as the Chinese Freemasons.

He  invests a lot of  his time  informing the  young people on the important of  an education since he only has a third grade education and can barely or write in English. He motivates them to not  lose their lives to gangs,drugs, and violence. With his life encounters and experiences he wishes to influence young people to  remain on a good path with their lives.

From Gangster To Celebrity

There are numerous documentaries which featured Raymond Shrimp Boy Chow consisting of: Gangland “Deadly Triangle” on History Channel, “Chinatown Mafia” on National Geographic and a special on Channel five: 30 Mins Bay Area “The Man in White”. He even been chosen on Gangland’s Most Notorious  OG as narrated by gangsta rap artists Snoop Dogg and Ice T.

Along with a Channel seven special interview  with Alan Wang “Bay Area Gangster turns Celebrity.” Raymond Chow recently completed his unpublished memoirs and presently speaking with several Hollywood producers and publishers regarding  his  upcoming publication and  motion picture projects.

He also been giving numerous public speeches to trouble youth  in addition to speaking with companies  experts on crime  prevention. Lately he gave a speech at the Moscone Center San Francisco to the Leadership Group he was welcomed by Lieutenant Steven Ford and on the exact same panel as  Policeman Stewart Ng.

In The News

On March 26, 2014, Raymond Chow, made headlines again after being arrested during a raid led by federal bureau of investigation (FBI). The raid was part of a larger investigation connected with Asian-American State Senator Leland Yee, who was arrested on bribery and corruption charges.



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