Scott Park Piru

The Scott Park Piru (SPP) are primarily a Polynesian/Samoan-American street gang on the East Side of CarsonCalifornia. The Scott Park Pirus originated in the early 1980’s, originally known as the Scott Park Killers. They are named after a public park (Scott Park) on Catskills Ave, between 232nd Street and 236th Street.

Their neighborhood spread from Dolores Street to Avalon Blvd, between 228th Street and Sepulveda Blvd.The Scott Park Piru gang have been active in the city of Carson, for over thirty years. Members of this gang tend to have ties to their home state (Samoa), like most Samoans, who live in the United States.

Their main click is the 200 Block also known as “Spade” or “Spade Gang.” The Scott Park Pirus are often confused with the Scott dale Pirus, due to their name resembling. However, these two gangs are actually two separate gangs, one is located on the East Side (Scott Park Piru), and the other is located on the West Side (Scott Dale Pirus).

Allies And Rivals

Allies  Cabbage Park PiruWest Side Piru (Carson), Center View Piru, and the ScottDale PirusThe Scott Park Pirus align themselves with African-American street gangs (especially Compton Pirus), and feud with crip gangs in surrounding cities such as: CarsonLong Beach, Wilmington, Harbor City, and Compton (Compton Crips).

Rivals include: Park Village Compton Crips190 Blocc East Coast CripsWest Coast Rollin 80s CripsHarbor City Crips, Victoria Park Carson Crips, and Stevenson Village Carson CripsThey also feud with other Polynesian gangs such as the Tonga Crips Gang (Inglewood, CA), and the Sons Of Samoa (Long Beach, CA).

Samoan and Black gangs in Carson, have a long-standing racial motivated feud (race war) with Hispanic gangs in Carson. Rival Mexican gangs: Varrio Catskill StreetCarson 13, and Dominguez Varrio 13Dominguez Varrio 13, and Victoria Park Locos.


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