59 Brims

The 5-9 Brims also known as the 5-Nine Brims or South Side Brims (SSB), are primarily an african-american Blood gang located in the Ocean View Hills (Ocean Crest) neighborhood in the Southeast region of San DiegoCalifornia.The 5-Nine Brims formerly known as the Central City Gangsters, originated around 40th Street and Ocean View Blvd, in the mid-1970’s.

The 5/9 Brims have been around just as long as many street gangs in Los Angeles (gang capital), California, with well-over one hundred documented active members. The 5-9 Brims blood gang are known to have enormous functions  on May 9 (5/9), also known as their Hood Day. The South Side 5-9 Brims are also known as the Oceanview Basement Bloods.

The 59 Brims can also be found in different parts of the world in cities and states such as New York City and New Jersey as well as Bristol Township, with roots in the South Central region of Los Angeles, California. The 5-9 Brims are one of many gangs, who have been served with a gang injunction in San Diego.


In 1992, the 5-9 Brims received local media coverage, after the death of Gangsta Ern also known as Gangsta E, a well-known rapper and an active member of the 59 Brims. Gangsta Ern blossom was a rapper during the 1980’s. Gangsta Ern became a household name throughout the streets of Southeast San Diego.

However, in 1992, Gangsta Ern was shot and killed in a robbery attempt gone wrong and eventually died from his gunshot wounds. Gangsta Ern is considered a legend by many in the city of San Diego. Lil Gangsta Ern and Damu, both are rappers from the 5-9 Brims blood gang. They both paid homage to Gangsta Ern on several songs including  Mitchy Slick “Wont Stop Being A Blood” (single).

Allies & Rivals

The Lincoln Park Bloods, originated from the 5-Nine Brims in the 1970’s, as the Lincoln Park Pirus. The 59 Brims and the Lincoln Park Bloods, have been allies for over thirty years along with the Emerald Hills Gangster Bloods. They also share common rivals such as the Skyline PiruRollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, O’Farrell ParkstersWest Coast Crips, and the Little Africa Pirus.



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