Sylvia Nunn

Sylvia Marie Nunn, (born june 9, 1962) better known on the streets as “Rambo” from Compton, California. is an Original Gangster and the younger sister of Marcus “China Dog” Nunn, a founding member of the Lueders Park Piru. a notorious street gang based in Compton, California.

During the late 1950s, Sylvia and her family moved to the East Side of Compton, in an area dominated by the Lueders Park Pirus, a blood street gang. In 1962, Sylvia was born to a middle class African-American family, her father (William “Willie” Nunn) was a former boxer who taught Sylvia how to fight and shoot a gun. These survival tactics would later Prove useful in confutation and gang related situations.

From Girl To Gangster

However, by 1973, her father was convicted of drug possession and sent to prison. In 1979, 16-year-old Sylvia Nunn joined the Lueders Park Pirus after her brother (China Dog) was gunned down by a carload of Compton Crips, which out numbered the Pirus (3 to 1). China Dog was wounded, but somehow, managed to survive the brutal attack and was recovering at a near-by hospital.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town 16-year-old Sylvia was gearing up to go on a shooting spree in crip territory. On June 12, 2008,  Sylvia was featured on an episode of Gangland (“From Girl To Gangster”), which mainly focused on Criplettes and Bloodlettes with gang affiliation or gang-related ties. However, the show was primarily centered around the life of Sylvia Nunn AKA Rambo, affiliation with the Lueders Park Pirus.

By the 1980s, crack cocaine epidemic hit the streets of South Central Los Angeles and near-by cities such as Compton, Watts and Inglewood. Many gang members started selling and using this drug, including Rambo who had already established a brutal reputation for carrying a gun, under the influence of crack allowed her to go on drive-by missions and feel no guilt, pain or remorse for her actions.

In April of 1991, Sylvia was approached by police officers with a warrant for her arrest. She had two options either go to jail or reveal the day-to-day drug operations of the Lueders Park Piru, she chose to cooperate with the police. On July 23, 1991, mid-afternoon Sylvia Nunn received a phone call from her mother who confirmed that her oldest brother (Junior Nunn) was shot in the back of the head while walking his girlfriend home.

Life After Bangin

In 1993, Sylvia Nunn fled to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she became Sylvia Hardman, after marrying her husband (John Hardman) former sheriff of Kansas, Missouri, in 1995. She left the gang life in the past and concentrated on her future, becoming an active member of the Second Missionary Baptist Church, located in Pahrump, Nevada.

“I put down Piru and picked up Jesus”

On April 20, 2010, Sylvia Hardman passed away, and was buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery located in Las Vegas. S.Y.L.V.I.A.-N.U.N.N. A.N.G.E.L.S, a non pro-fit organization located in the city of Compton and founded by Cynthia Nunn, who is the sister of Sylvia Nunn. The organization, is dedicated to helping the community and was inspired by the memory of Sylvia Nunn.



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  1. This documentary of Silvia Nunn”s life really inspired me. I never was in a gang my parents were like Silvia’s upper middle class. But I fell in love with a former gang member who I knew since high school. He was recently killed on July 8, 2015, I’ve haven’t been the same since. I lost my soul mate. He was well known. But to me he was a gentleman and very kind hearted

    And I’m very bitter. But hearing Silvia’s story helps me to forgive and seek God to help heal my heart

    Thank you