Troble Gang Crips

The Trouble Gangster Crips (TGC) also known as Trouble Gang or Trouble Halldale Crips, and formerly known as Nothing But Trouble (NBT), are an African-American street gang located on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California. The Trouble Gangster Crips falls under the Gangster Crips (3x) also known as the Movin Gang.

The Trouble Gang Crips, originated as Nothing But Trouble, and were originally known as a tagging crew in the early 1990’s. Nothing But Trouble, eventually turning crips after multiple conflict with surrounding neighborhood street gangs. They was established around 51st Street and Halldale Ave, between Western Ave and Vermont Ave.

In The News

In 2009, the Trouble Gang made the headlines, when Jason Wilder and Ronnie F. Onley also known on the streets as 007 (Double O7), both active member’s of the Trouble Gang, shot and killed Keith Moore who were affiliated with the 55 Neighborhood Crips. Which, are one of the Trouble Gangster Crips main enemy.

A gang expert testified that at the time of the murder, the 51 Troubles gang was actively at war with the 55 Neighborhood Crips and 57 Neighborhood Crips gangs. As a result, there were approximately three shootings per week between members of the rival gangs. Onley Jason was convicted of murder and sentenced to 80 years to life in prison.

Allies & Rivals

Trouble Gangster Crips are close allies of the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips, this alliance is sometime called “51/50s’‘ or “51-2” or “51-Deuce Crips.” They both share a bitter hatred for all Neighborhood Crips, especially the 55 Neighborhood Crips  and the 57 Neighborhood Crips. They use derogatory terms toward the Neighborhood Crips, such as “Nap Basion With A Passion,” or “Nappy Heads.”

The Trouble Gang are rivals of all East Coast Crips; 59 East Coast Crips, 66 East Coast Crips, 67 East Coast Crips, 68 East Coast Crips and Rollin Os (Crips); Rollin 30s Harlem Crips, Rollin 40s Crips, Rollin 50s Crips, and the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, as well as all Los Angeles Brims.


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