Varrio Longo 13The Varrio Longo 13 are the largest Sureño gang throughout the Harbor Area of  Long Beach, California. The Longo 13 is made up of  three sets: The East Side Longos (ESL13) which is the largest of the three, with an estimate of over 600 members. The second largest of the three are the West Side Longos (WSL13), with around 300 members, followed by the North Side Longos (NSL13).

The name Longo is derived from “Long” (Long Beach). They adapted the Sur13 or X13 sometime in the 1970s, like many Hispanic street gangs that fall under the Surenos brand, they pay homage to the Mexican Mafia. The Longos X13 are considered the biggest gang in Long Beach, which allow them to take on several enemies at once. The Longos have expanded into other areas such as Tijuana, Mexico, Washington, and Bakersfield.

The Varrio Longo 13 originated during the 1960s, as a single unit . However, by the 1970s, members broke off forming two subgroups known as the Eastside and Westside Longos, due to internal fighting. The Northside Longo were the last of the three to emerge taking root in North Long Beach.

The Varrio Longos harsh treatment towards different ethnic groups are the primary reason for the formation of Asian, Samoan and Cambodian street gangs such as the Tiny Rascals and the Asian Boyz. The Varrio Longos are perhaps the most hated criminal street gangs in the city, due to the fact that they have killed members from every major street gang in Long Beach.

Eastside Longo (ESL)

The Eastside Longo, claim areas around MacAuthor Park, located on Anaheim Street and are primarily based in Central Long Beach. Their territory stretches from Daisy Street to Junipero Ave between Pacific Coast Hwy and 4th Street. They share this region of Long Beach with three of their main rivals the Rollin 20 Crips and the Insane Crips as well as Barrio Probe.

The oldest cliques and subsets of the Eastside Longo are the Barrio Viejo (Old Town) followed by the Latin Town Playboyz and the Loney Boys. Their other cliques consist of the Malditos (Little Bad Ones), Night Owls, Primas (female clique), Stoners, Pee Wees, Tiny Locos, Dog Town, and the Chicos Malos (CMS).

On August 31, 2001, the Los Angeles City Attorney sought a gang injunction against members of the Eastside Longo. The injunction had to be broken down to cover two areas, due to the Eastside Longos having the largest geographical area in Long Beach. However, after the injunction police noticed an increase in gang-related crimes.

Westside Longo (WSL)

The Westside Longos, operates in the Westside neighborhood in West Long Beach. Their barrio stretches from 20th Street to Pacific Coast Highway between the 710 Freeway and Santa Fe Ave. They share their neighborhood with the Rollin 80s West Coast Crips, a predominantly African-American street gang.

The Westside Longo are made up of several cliques known as the Cyclones, Termites, Stoners, Summit Canal Locos, Tiny Locos, Tiny Locas (female clique) and the Wynas (female clique). In 1995, The Westside Longos were the first gang in long beach, to be placed on a gang injunction.

They were the district attorney and Long Beach Police Department top priority, due to the gang terrorizing rivals and local residents in the Westside community. In 2004, a second gang injunction was launched against the West Side Longos as a whole.

Northside Longo (NSL)

The Northside Longos (NSL) are the smallest of the three factions of the Longo 13, but are the largest Latino street gang in North Long Beach. They claim areas near Downey Ave and Long Beach Blvd between Del Amo Blvd and Artesia Blvd. The North Side Longos are bordered by Compton to the North and Carson to the West.

This put them in direct conflict with street gangs in these neighboring cities such as the Dominguez Varrio 13, a Latino street gang based in Carson. The North Side Longos consist of several cliques known as the Machos, Pee Wees, Youngsters, Baby Gangsters, Sun Rise Boys, Sun Set Boys and the Baby Gangsters.

The North Side Longos are surrounded by enemies such as the Bricc Boy Crips, Boulevard Mafia Crips and the Compton Varrio USV. Although, they are smaller than their counterparts the East Side and West Side Longos they are still larger than the majority of gangs in North Long Beach.

In 2010, the North Side Longos were placed on a gang  injunction due to an increase in gang-related crimes committed by this gang. The Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert expanded the city’s gang injunction to include any gang affiliated with the Mexican Mafia ( a prison gang) or operating under the Sureños 13 umbrella.

Allies And Rivals

In the past, the East Side Longo and West Side Longo agreed to a truce in an attempt to wipe out the Tiny Rascals Gang and their allies the Insane Crips. The Eastside Longos are allies of the Barrio Viejo Gang and the Latin Town Playboyz as well as the Crazy Latin Boys and the Mexican Mafia.

All three subsets of the Longo 13 are rivals of all Asian/Cambodian and African-American street gangs. The Longo 13 and the Tiny Rascals Gang (TRG), have been engaged in a deadly feud since the 1990s after a carload of  Tiny Rascals shot and killed a 16-year-old Longo in 1989. The Longos responded by killing several TRG members (Vice Versa) turning the streets into a killing zone.

Other enemies of the Longos are the Asian BoysInsane CripsRolling 20 Crips, Rollin 80s West Coast CripsAsian BoyzSatanas, Vietnamese Boyz GangSons Of SamoaLong Beach EFCC, Crazy Brother Clan, Suicidal Town, Westside IslandersBarrio PobreToker Town FlatsPinoy Real, Dominguez Varrio 13, and the 18th Street gang.




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  3. I am an Ojeda. My uncle baby Joe from esl 1970s-80s did his time strait ended up and moved to AZ start own business. My uncle flaco esl 1970s-1990s. My aunt lulu, lord’s, Boohoo is the youngest sister, esl 1970s-idk. Have not seen her since I was a teenager 1991 before she was charged and sentenced 20 years for accidental murder of my uncle Johns wife’s brother who was a drunk nuisance living next door to Mt father’s parents and parents of my aunts and uncles, Orange Ave. AND Anaheim next to the the as behind old Churches fried Chickeb which may have been demolition ed since 9os…the last time I was I long Beach was around 1998, numbing Los Angeles azules, lost in my life,and did some things I regret with a hardcore Littles shit they call Menace…

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  24. Sureños, Sur 13, or Sureñas for females, are groups of loosely affiliated gangs[10] that pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia while in U.S. state and federal correctional facilities. Many Sureño gangs have rivalries with one another and the only time this rivalry is set aside is when they enter the prison system.[4][6][11] Thus, fighting is common among different Sureño gangs even though they share the same common identity. Sureños have emerged as a national gang in the United States.[5] They would ally themselves with the Crips and MS13 in certain U.S. states. Sureños have been documented in the U.S. military, found in both U.S. and overseas bases.[12]

  25. The term “Sureño” means Southerner in Spanish. Even though Sureños were established in 1968, the term was not used until the 1970s as a result of the continued conflict between the Mexican Mafia and Nuestra Familia in California’s prison system.[4] As a result of these prison wars, all Hispanic California street gangs align themselves with the Sureño or Norteño movement with very few exceptions such as the Fresno Bulldogs and the Maravilla gangs of East Los Angeles.[2] When a Sureño is asked what being a Sureño means, gang members, in absolutely all cases and without any exceptions, answer, “A Sureño is a foot soldier for the Mexican Mafia.”[14

  26. Beach” is located on the east side of the Los Angeles River and 710 Freeway(closer to the center of Long Beach) and is associated with a number of Long Beach rap artists, such as Snoop Dogg, Knoc-Turn’al, Marco Knapsacc, Daz Dillinger, Bruce Bugzy Kurupt, Likwid E, Bad Azz, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Crooked I, Soopafly, Techniec and RBX, Twinz, as well as jungle producer P2P (artist). Snoop Dogg went to Polytechnic High School The boundaries for this second Eastside are (very roughly) Willow Street and the Signal Hill city limits (N), Ximeno Ave. (E), Seventh St. (S), and the Los Angeles River (W).

    Rappers Snoop Dogg, Knoc-Turn’al, Warren G, and Nate Dogg, as well as Snoop Dogg’s Tha Eastsidaz, are all from Eastside Long Beach. The VIP Records store which has been featured in music videos by Snoop Dogg and other rap music artists is at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Eastside Long Beach, which has recently been closed.

    This term “Eastside” is a neighborhood area that encompasses many smaller neighborhoods, including several of the official Historic Districts designated by the City of Long Beach and the Cambodia Town district. The area is often referred to as “Central Long Beach” by newspapers, city officials and real estate agents, but the term “Eastside”. The area’s major thoroughfares are Anaheim Street, Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) and 7th Street east to west; and Pacific Avenue, Long Beach Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue north to south. The LA Metro Transit Authority Blue Line light rail runs in the center of Long Beach Boulevard beginning at Willow Ave and has stops throughout the neighborhood. Most streets are fairly narrow, and usually lined with cars throughout the day, as many residents of the area do not have a garage or assigned parking space available. The architecture of the neighborhood varies, it may include craftsman-style homes and bungalows dating back to the pre-WWII era, as well as small apartment complexes built during and shortly after the war. What little newer housing exists in the neighborhood is generally built from public funds as part of various urban renewal efforts by the City; an example of this are the townhouses along Atlantic Ave north of Pacific Coast Highway in an area referred to as “Renaissance Square” by City Hall. While there are no large-scale public housing projects on the East Side, the neighborhood has several “workforce housing” areas, as well as many smaller apartment complexes and other dwellings that are owned by the city Housing Authority or subsidized by public funds to offer lower rents. Overcrowding is evident in the neighborhood, it is frequent to see a three or four-unit apartment structure standing behind an older house on the same lot. There had been some gentrification of the area in the 2000s, due to its relative proximity to the beach (the beachfront is walking distance from many areas of the Eastside), the downtown and the CSU Long Beach Campus. Developers bought up several apartment complexes in the area and converted them into condominiums, only to see housing demand collapse in the 2007/2008 housing slump, causing many of these developments to sit empty for long periods of time. The Eastside is also marked by heavy small-business retail activity, especially in the storefronts that line Anaheim Street, 7th Street and Pacific Coast Highway. Many of these businesses are owned by immigrants and include restaurants, discount clothing stores, and automotive repair shops. So many businesses along a stretch of Anaheim Street are owned by Cambodian immigrants that the city has named the area “Cambodia Town”.

    Long Beach Polytechnic High School, known for its sound magnet programs “PACE” and “CIC”, it’s connection to several music artists as well as its powerhouse athletic programs, is located on the East Side on Atlantic Ave just south of Pacific Coast Hwy.

    The area, while historically an African-American neighborhood since the post Vietnam era, is inhabited also by many Caucasian home owners including by a mixed population that includes a heavy Hispanic concentration (predominantly Mexican-American) as well as one of the largest Samoan and Cambodian populations in the United States. There have also been a decent number of findings of caucasian residents, mainly in the historic district areas of the city. Due to the low rents throughout the Eastside, the area has also attracted many students who attend nearby CSU Long Beach.

    The neighborhood includes all or portions of ZIP codes 90813, 90806, 90804, 90802 and 90815. It is adjacent to Downtown Long Beach, Alamitos Beach, Belmont Heights, Wrigley and the Traffic Circle, as well as the City of Signal Hill.

  27. The “Eastside” neighborhood of Long Beach” is located on the east side of the Los Angeles River and 710 Freeway(closer to the center of Long Beach) and is associated with a number of Long Beach rap artists, such as Snoop Dogg, Knoc-Turn’al, Marco Knapsacc, Daz Dillinger, Bruce Bugzy Kurupt, Likwid E, Bad Azz, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Crooked I, Soopafly, Techniec and RBX, Twinz, as well as jungle producer P2P (artist). Snoop Dogg went to Polytechnic High School The boundaries for this second Eastside are (very roughly) Willow Street and the Signal Hill city limits (N), Ximeno Ave. (E), Seventh St. (S), and the Los Angeles River (W).

    Rappers Snoop Dogg, Knoc-Turn’al, Warren G, and Nate Dogg, as well as Snoop Dogg’s Tha Eastsidaz, are all from Eastside Long Beach. The VIP Records store which has been featured in music videos by Snoop Dogg and other rap music artists is at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Eastside Long Beach, which has recently been closed.

  28. There has been and continues to be heavy gang activity and a high rate of violent crime in the neighborhood, and large portions of the neighborhood are under gang injunctions directed at the West Side Longos gang and Rollin 80’s West Coast Crip Gang, as well as home to other local gangs such as Sons of Samoa Samoan gang, Westside Islanders Guamanian/Filipino gang, Pimpside Phamily Filipino gang, and Long Beach Satanas Filipino gang.

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  30. 2010 census population (rank): 462,257 (36); Male: 226,520 (49.0%); Female: 235,737 (51.0%); 2010 population breakdown: White: 213,066 (46.1%); Black: 62,603 (13.5%); American Indian and Alaska Native: 3,458 (0.7%); Asian: 59,496 (12.9%); Other race: 93,930 (20.3%); Two or more races: 24,451 (5.3%); Hispanic/Latino: 188,412 (40.8%). 2010 population 18 and over: 347,114; 65 and over: 42,835 (9.3%); Median age: 33.2.

    Read more: Long Beach, Calif.: Population, Weather, Demographics, Facts, History, Mayor, Landmarks

  31. 2010 census population (rank): 462,257 (36); Male: 226,520 (49.0%); Female: 235,737 (51.0%); 2010 population breakdown: White: 213,066 (46.1%); Black: 62,603 (13.5%); American Indian and Alaska Native: 3,458 (0.7%); Asian: 59,496 (12.9%); Other race: 93,930 (20.3%); Two or more races: 24,451 (5.3%); Hispanic/Latino: 188,412 (40.8%). 2010 population 18 and over: 347,114; 65 and over: 42,835 (9.3%); Median age: 33.2.

    • It’s neverK gone stop! Fucc all chongos till the day they all gone! Kill one of ours we gonna come bkacc and kill 10 of y’all and that’s on Crazy Crip! S.e.a/ trg ain’t even wit the action. We the rKeal Cuhripp in the Bkeach! TrU wettbacc killa!

  32. Im in this pic. Those were good days. No one was a killer quite yet. Its a shame what the gang life became. Killing someone is an easy solution, but manning up and handling business one on one or gang riot style, those were the days. And as as for race, we had black homies. I still have black homies for life. And what ever happened to class, respect, and culture. How weak. In the end, I would wish to see it all go away. Go to school, get a life, make your hard working parents or single mothers happy and yourself happy. Life has so much more to offer. That goes out to all of you, Chicanos, Blacks, Islanders, and Asians. In the end, we are all one race, and that is Gods race.

    • I hear you brother. I went to Poly, had lots of friends who were ESL and Crips, we used to all hang at Cherry Beach. Back in the day it was much friendlier between the gangs and everyone else, all you had to show was friendship and respect. It’s sad man.

      • y’all got young dummies running y’all hood now and them lil punks don’t respect shit… sorry muthafuckas


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  38. snoop dog is to scared of Longos to even come back to long beach after the ESL killed his homie dimples on PCH in a drive-by Longos exterminate everyone in the city its a known facteven the cops are scared of them

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