watts 13

The Watts 13 Gang also known as South Side Watts 13 are an active Mexican-American street gang, located in the Watts neighborhood of South Los Angeles, California. Their varrio stretches from Century Blvd to Firestone Blvd, around Grandee Ave and Avalon Blvd. The Watts 13 Gang consist of several cliques such as the Krazy Mexican Town, 97th Street, 93th StreetLocos and Los Winos.

The Watts 13 are connected to the Mexican Mafia and falls under the Sureno umbrella. The Watts 13 Gang are often confused with Lil Watts 13 a Hispanic gang located in Hawthorne, California. Due to the fact, that their name share similarities (Watts 13). Rivals include: Watts Varrio Grape and the Watts Elm Street as well as the Florencia 13. Other rivals include the 38th Street Gang, and the 18th Street Gang.


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