Watts+Gangstas+Watts+GsWatts Gangstas also known as Watts G’s were a rap group that consist of D Dope and Felony, they was signed to Hood Rat Records and  Priority Records in the 1990’s, They released a album called The Real in 1995. They released two singles for the album “Wanna B”  is the first single which is a story about a 13 Old kid (YG Little Rock) who was intrigued by the gang life (money, murder and gangs).

Little Rockwas initiated in the click called Young Ridas Lunatic Dogs, he dropped out of school and started selling drugs full-time. Little Rock was eventually arrested and forced to do five years in prison. Five years later, Little Rock was released from the state  penitentiary and reconnected with his fellow comrads. Little Rock was armed with a loaded 9mm handgun, when he spotted an enemy approaching in a car and hesitated to shoot, resulted in Little Rock loosing his life by a 12 Gauge shot to his head.

The second single was calledStuck in the game”  a video was shot for both singles. D Dope is from a  104th Street Circle City Piruand Felony is from a 106th Street Circle City Piru in Watts. D Dope has appeared on Young Maylay – San Andreas The Original Mixtape in 2005, and Killa Tay album entitled Thug Thisle in 2001.



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