West Covina Neighborhood Crips

The West Covina Neighborhood Crips (WCNHC), also known as the West Covina Crips are a well-known criminal street gang based in West Covina, California. They falls under the Neighborhorhood Crips 2x (Deuces) umbrella, with several subsets in different parts of the country in states such as Oregon, Washington, Nebraska, and Ohio, California.

In The News

In 2012, Jevon Lawson (rapper), better known by his stage name Swag affiliated with the West Covina Neighborhood Crips was indicted on federal drug-trafficking charges. Swag is best known for collaborating with platinum artist’s such as Dipset rapper Jim Jones, who was featured on a song called “Swag’N” which debuted on B.E.T. (Black Entertainment), in 2009. Jevon Lawson moved from California to Washington in 1998, establishing multiple drug houses.

Authorities confiscated bank statements from Lawson’s house, which included bank deposits totaling more than $100,000 and pre-paid debit cards with more than $90,000 loaded onto cards. Jevon Lawson was also arrested in connection with a bank robbery at the Wells Fargo on Broadway in north Everett, California. The bank heist netted over $40, 000 in cash.

Allies And Rivals

The West Covina Neighborhood Crips are allies of subset gangs under the Neighborhood Crips and the East Coast Crips as well as the Hustler Crips, such as the West Covina Hustlers also known as the West Side Hustlers. They are rivals of the West Covina Mob Pirus and the Azusa 13, a Hispanic gang with a notorious reputation for committing hate crimes against African-Americans.

They also feud with the Delmann Heights Bloods, a street gang based in San Bernardino, California. Due to the murder of Maurice “West” Major who was gunned down after a gang-related fight, during a house party in San Bernardino. On October 19, 2012, a member of the Delmann Heights Bloods was convicted for  the murder of West, and was sentenced to 40-years in prison.


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