The Wilmas 13 also known as the Wilmas Gang or the Wilmington Gang, is predominantly, but not exclusively, an Mexican-American criminal organisation that consist of three sub-sets known as the East Side Wilmas (ESW), West Side Wilmas (WSW) and the North Side Wilmas (NSW) located in the Wilmington, neighborhood of South Los Angeles, California.

The Wilmas are the most notorious and oldest Latino street gang in the Wilmington district of Los Angeles. This gang has been around long before the creation of the Mexican-Mafia, with history dating back to the 1950s.

East/West/North Wilmas

The East Side Wilmas Gang, originated on the East Side of Wilmington, around L Street and Hyatt Ave. Avalon Blvd, acts as the borderline, between the East Side Wilmas and the West Side Wilmas. The ESW have approximately 650 active gang members, with several cliques such as the Ghost Town Locos, Hyatt Street Locos, Mahar Locos, Insane Mexican Gang and L Street Maniacs.

The Ghost Town Locos click of the East Side Wilmas, share the Dana Strand Projects with the East Side Pain Bloods, a predominantly black gang, who mainly feud with Crip gangs located in Long Beach and San Pedro, region of Los Angeles. The East Side Wilmas, are known to sport the color red and the West Side Wilmas are known to sport the color blue.

The West Side Wilmas Gang, originated on the West Side of Wilmington, are ethnically mixed consisting of Mexican-American and a few African-Americans as well as Caucasians. The West Side Wilmas are west of Avalon Blvd, Pacific Coast Hwy and Anaheim Blvd. One of the WSW main click is the Wilhall Park Locos, who are known for committing violence acts with assault rifles, (AK-47s).

The North Side Wilmas Gang, were established on the North Side of Wilmington, parts of their neighborhood extends into the Carson region of Los Angeles. The North Side Wilmas are small compared to their counterparts, the East Side Wilmas and the West Side Wilmas. The North Side Wilmas are allies of the Realty Street Locos, an Latino gang located in the city of Carson.

In The News

The Wilmas street gangs, have been making headlines in the news, since the 1950’s. In 1988, Blanco, whom police describe as being affiliated with the East Side Wilmas. Blanco, stopped at the intersection of D-Street and Wilmington Blvd, this jurisdiction is represented by the West Side Wilmas. Blanco, was gunned down at the intersection by  a group of kids, who was affiliated with the West Side Wilmas.

“A girl riding in the front seat recalled in a recent interview that she urged Blanco to drive off or defuse the situation by saying he was from “nowhere.” Instead,Kallestad said, “he made a very dumb but very important statement–‘East Side!’– and that was all it took. The girl, who declined to be named, took the wheel and sped toward Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, but Blanco died en route.”

 Allies & Rivals

The Three Wilma gangs East, West and North shared a close alliance. Until 1986, when the East Side Wilmas and the West Side Wilmas, became engaged in a bitter rivalry after an confutation over a female, which left several latino male’s dead. In 2000, their were a total of 45 murders in Wilmington, 39 of the murders were gang-related. The West Side Wilmas and the North Side Wilmas remained allies.

In the early 1990s, there were a brief peace treaty between the warring gangs, but only lasted for two years. The law enforcement describe the East Wilmas and the West Wilmas, as a being a plaque to the Wilmington community. The Wilmas are bitter rivals of gangs in the Harbor City and San Pedro, such as the Harbor City Boys/Rifas, Habor City Crips, Dodge City Crips and the Rancho San Pedro Gang.



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