The Game – Pest Control (Meek Mill diss & more)


The Game responds to meek mill with a second diss track, take shots at mills, beanie segiel & sean kingston on the same beat meek originally dissed The game with. The Game Vs Meek Mill who diss track was better?


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  1. Nobody cares this beef is lunch meat Meek Mill just got shitted on by drake a singing nigga and meek mill isn’t even known or thought about in these LA streets And the Game is a cop lover trying to get any publicity he can by dissin meek mill and bragging about the kardashians Game beef is weak and it just so happen that his CD comes out right after all this publicity crap Game is a cop lover now days I heard one of his homies from ceader got shot by the police couple weeks ago and Game worried about some bullshit with meek mill raheem the reporter what happened to that dude from game hood 3 weeks ago report that shit this isn’t the Source magazine

  2. The Game did his job these out of state nigguhs do to much forgetting this ain’t they home kiss a gang ass and show out like it’s all good they talk our talk and try to walk (B)&(C) our walk it’s been out of hand meeka is a real fag run and get beans who gives a fuck about that nigguh no respect to a smoker in Cali we the truth always have been always will B.



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