The Damu Ridas - Damu Ride

The Damu Ridas (rap group) consisted of the Bloods, who branched off from the original Bloods & Crips in 1995. The Bloods became “Damu Ridas” and the Crips became “Nationwide Rip Ridaz.” Most of the members were either from LA Denver Lane Bloods or  Crenshaw Mafia Bloods. The Damu Ridas released two albums (Damu Ridas) and (How Deep Is Your Hood). The Damu Ridas (album) released only one video for the single called “Damu Ride,” which featured B-Brazy, Lil Hawk, SP Spyder, Tip TopPimp D, and Peanut 2 aka KP.

After Damu Ridas

However, majority of the members are deceased or in jail, with the exception of Big Wy aka Red Rag (Crenshaw Mafia Bloods) and Suga Buga aka Dogg (Weirdos Gangster Bloods) the two formed The Relativez, releasing several independent albums. Redrum 781 (Avenue Piru Gang), is still active and has collaborated with majority of the Bloods in the music industry. Green Eyez (Inglewood Family Gang) and OG Len (LA Denver Lane Bloods) both released independent albums. Lil’ Stretch (Bounty Hunter Bloods) and CK aka Lil Leak (Avenue Piru Gang) is still alive as well as Batman aka Evil Bat (Mad Swans Bloods) and June Dawg (LA Denver Lane Bloods).

Fallen Damu Ridas

B-BrazyPeanut 2 aka KP, and Lil Laniak 2,all three died from gang related shootings. The trio was also from LA Denver Lane BloodsTip ToeOG Mad Eye, Big HawkSpyder aka S.P. was all from Crenshaw Mafia Gang. They died from gang related shootings as well. Lil Hawk (Crenshaw Mafia Bloods) was convicted of a homicide and sentenced to life in prison.


  • (1995) Damu Ridas
  • (1999) Damu Ridas 2 How Deep Is Your Hood

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