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  • JAY 305 – Thuggin (Music Video)

    Jay 305 frop Black P Stones “Im Thuggin” Music video Featuring Joe Moses from  Van Ness Gangster Bloods. Advertisements More

  • ‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ Recap, Episode 4: Rap Goes West And Gets Gangster

    Decider-The Netflix Original Series Hip-Hop Evolution is far from the first documentary to explore the genre’s backstreet back story, but it is certainly the most exhaustive. Like producer Banger Films’ similarly titled Metal Evolution, their excellent study of the history of heavy metal, the series talks to scene makers, musicians and managers, telling you not […] More

  • Snoop Dogg & Jooba Rc “Only Way Out’ The Gangster Musical Episode 1

      For those unfamiliar with Jooba (pronounced “Jah-Ba” like the Hutt), he was part of The LBC Movement, a collaboration of Long Beach rappers who put out a project called Beach City last year. Impressed by his rapping and his grind, Snoop signed the 19-year-old to Doggystyle Records and rode alongside him on his impressive […] More

  • We Started The Woop (Music Video)

    “We Started The Woop,” is a song by Los Angeles rappers Figg Newton and Big Wy (of Tha Realitvez). The song pays homage to the co-founders of the Woop Woop, which included rappers from the Bloods & Crips and Damu Ridas, with ties to the Denver Lane Bloods (DLB) and the Crenshaw Mafia Gang (CMG). […] More

  • Toker Of Brownside Talks Beef With Conejo (Audio)

    During a live stream, Chicano rapper Toker of Brownside sets the record straight about rumors of beef between him and Conejo, who was arrested in Mexico on Suspicion of murder. 3 weeks prior to his arrest, Conejo released “Stay Gangsterific,” a song taking out of context by a Toker’s fan. According to Toker, the two are […] More

  • Rapper Conejo’s Arrest Stuns The Latin Hip Hop Community

    Last week, fans and artists of Chicano music were shocked by the arrest of Sureño rapper Conejo, who eluded police for over a decade after being linked to a house party murder in South Los Angeles, California. Conejo’s family started a fundraiser under “Free Conejo,” which is also a movement on social media platforms (including Facebook […] More

  • 2Pac’s Longtime Friend Big Syke, Found Dead At His Home

    On Monday night, Big Syke, a former member of the 1990’s rap group Thug Life, found dead at his home in Hawthorne, California. According to TMZ, people close to the rapper believes he died of natural causes, despite no official autopsy being performed. Syke struggled with obesity and heart complications. He was 48. Big Syke is best known for […] More