We Started The Woop (Music Video)

We Started Tha Woop

“We Started The Woop,” is a song by Los Angeles rappers Figg Newton and Big Wy (of Tha Realitvez). The song pays homage to the co-founders of the Woop Woop, which included rappers from the Bloods & Crips and Damu Ridas, with ties to the Denver Lane Bloods (DLB) and the Crenshaw Mafia Gang (CMG).

“They love the fruit, but don’t acknowledge the tree.”

Figg Newton and Big Wy shed light on the origins and history of the Woop Woop, which became the national anthem for Bloods around the world (especially in the music industry). The music video included guest appearances by G Len and June Dawg, co-founders and former members of the Damu Ridas.


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