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Toker Of Brownside Talks Beef With Conejo (Audio)



During a live stream, Chicano rapper Toker of Brownside sets the record straight about rumors of beef between him and Conejo, who was arrested in Mexico on Suspicion of murder.

3 weeks prior to his arrest, Conejo released “Stay Gangsterific,” a song taking out of context by a Toker’s fan. According to Toker, the two are on good terms, dispelling all rumors of a rivalry.

“It ain’t no beef between me and Conejo dog” 

Toker believes the charges against Conejo is bogus and predicts a favorable outcome. According to Toker, once free, Conejo will dominate Chicano and Latin Hip Hop.

“The Chicano rap game needs real motherf–ckas like Conejo”

Toker is best known for being a member of Brownside, a Chicano rap group signed to Ruthless Records by the late Eazy-E.




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