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6 Comments on HoovGroovers – Groove Gang (Music Video)

  1. Yea right. Hoovers r a hood. Of the past. Thats why some of their clicks turned to criminals.


    • Ignorant niggers.


    • fuCC the w/s 52 hKoover gangsta CripKs,I know y’@ll know this video was booty and suCCs big time,fuCC the w/s hK52vers,fuCC the w/s 52 hgCvers,fuCC the w/s hK52vas,fuCC the w/s 52K hKgCver,fuCC the w/s hK52KverKs,fuCC all eight of y’@ll hKoover sets.I don’t Consider y’@ll bustas gangster Crips or Crips at all I only Consider y’@ll off brand just as hKoovers,my bad Cuz I meant to say I only Consider y’@ll snoova,ebK,abK,hK,52 groove gangK snoovas (NIGGErs!!!!!!).


      • Dwayne, Shut The Fuck Up before ONE OF THESE Niggers KILLS YOU. You’re like a movie Actor. ALWAYS playing the tough guy act. One of these Niggers is going to kill you, Dwayne.
        Mark my word.


  2. Anonymous // May 22, 2016 at 2:10 pm // Reply

    Fucc yall weak busters south los took one of yall cliccs. D.lanes giving yall the blues now yall makeing stupid vidios hoovers lost all respect.


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