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HoovGroovers – Groove Gang (Music Video)



Rap Group called HoovGrooves from 52 hoover Gangster Crips released “Groove Gang” music video, “Comptuters” remix


6 Comments on HoovGroovers – Groove Gang (Music Video)

  1. Yea right. Hoovers r a hood. Of the past. Thats why some of their clicks turned to criminals.

    • Ignorant niggers.

    • fuCC the w/s 52 hKoover gangsta CripKs,I know y’@ll know this video was booty and suCCs big time,fuCC the w/s hK52vers,fuCC the w/s 52 hgCvers,fuCC the w/s hK52vas,fuCC the w/s 52K hKgCver,fuCC the w/s hK52KverKs,fuCC all eight of y’@ll hKoover sets.I don’t Consider y’@ll bustas gangster Crips or Crips at all I only Consider y’@ll off brand just as hKoovers,my bad Cuz I meant to say I only Consider y’@ll snoova,ebK,abK,hK,52 groove gangK snoovas (NIGGErs!!!!!!).

      • Dwayne, Shut The Fuck Up before ONE OF THESE Niggers KILLS YOU. You’re like a movie Actor. ALWAYS playing the tough guy act. One of these Niggers is going to kill you, Dwayne.
        Mark my word.

  2. Fucc yall weak busters south los took one of yall cliccs. D.lanes giving yall the blues now yall makeing stupid vidios hoovers lost all respect.

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