Snoop Dogg Is Back In Hot Water With The Rollin 20 Crips


Snoop Dogg is being called out again by Big Flossy, a second-generation member of the Rollin 20s Crips for disrespecting Long Beach and rapping about a life he never lived.

“He got the nerve to go with The Game up to the LA Police Department like he speaking for all crips and then went down there in July, with a Pendleton looking like CB4.”

In 2015, big Flossy originally called out Snoop on Facebook, for not helping the Long Beach Community. Which Sparked rumors of Snoop Dogg being banned  from Long Beach, by the Rollin 20s Crips.

In 2016, Big Flossy broke-down his frustration with Snoop, in an interview with J-Mix of His bitterness stem from the rapper not honoring their agreement of starting non-profit organizations in Long Beach, to help the youth.

He also criticized Snoop for passing out leftover turkeys  —from Inglewod— during a Turkey drive held last year in Long Beach.

Flossy explained his frustration with Snoop exploiting the community and the Rollin 20s for record sells. He alleges Snoop didn’t start banging until the Death Row era, during the 1990s.

Snoop has influence over youngsters from Rollin 20s Crips and the Insane Crips. The two largest African-American street gangs in Long Beach, who are mortal enemies. Snoop has a platform but refuses to use it to stop the bloodshed between the two warring gangs, according to Flossy.





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  1. i respect crips but snoop is not ment to be a criptrying to make peace and never put in work for his hood him and the game are the same fake asf need to see the truth snoop is goood at rap but hes just living a fake persona

  2. 1. You don’t need Snoops money to start a Non profit organization. 2. You are a grown ass man stop depending on another grown man to Chuck you a bone. 3. Snoop don’t owe nobody on the E/S Nothing!!!! Niggas wasn’t saying Snoop wasn’t from 20s back in the day but now when he stop helping you , now it’s “fuck that nigga he not from the turf he don’t speak for 20s”…. No man should depend on another nigga to feed him. Truth is Snoop helped that nigga many times and homie tricked it off..

  3. I understand what Big Flossy is sayin’ and all but what exactly is he doing for the betterment of the “hood?” He speakin’ on what Snoop has/hasn’t done and his pockets, but what exactly has Big Flossy done? Furthermore, was it Snoop Dogs responsibility to save VIP Records? Why couldn’t Big Flossy try to save it? He said he has Snoop’s number, why he can’t call him on some man to man type stuff? He said he’s 50 and doing a lot of talkin’ to any and everybody who will listen. Sounds to me like borderline snitchin’! Honestly, I could care less of either of them. Why is Snoop obligated to speak to him or anybody from LBC? He’s making music with some of the youngins with the LB Movement. He keeps saying Snoop doesn’t speak for LB, but yet who else from the “hood” is gonna do so? I don’t see Big Flossy doing it! ijs

    • If snoop came out there to help , someone would kill him to make a name for himself. You would shot snoop in the back or ambush him. I’ve seen it and I lived it. being a millionaire and coming back to help your hood will get you killed.

      My baby gave back to his hood. Started school , just like you have stated in your comment , had turkey drive for Thanksgiving , gave Christmas toys out to children on Christmas, even gave motor bikes out for the children with good grades on thier report cards. The line of children with excellent grades were lined up around the block !!!

      On July 8, last year he was killed by his own HOMIES in cold blood with ak-47. I still have that crime scene in my dreams what night. And you know who I’m talking about

      That’s what you get when you give back. I say to anyone who succeeds in life go forward Give to charity. Don’t risk your life only to leave your family and love ones to suffer tremendously!!!!!!


      • It was last year on July 8, 20015, on Broadway and Century. And to add insult to injury, I’m hearing the hood is glad he’s dead. Only one person told me , people are saying bad things but they forgot when he took care of the all DAMN NIEGHBORHOOD!!!! They hood will turn on you. And I’m just still devastated. It hurts so bad still. They dot him close range with an ak-47. And just left him in an alley. This was fine by the people who said they loved him and called him his homies. Grew up with him

        You know who I’m talking about

      • I’m sorry for the typing errors, I meant to say this was done by the people who loved him, grew up with him, these were his homie.

        I will never forget how they left him alone to die in an alley

        Thank you for your condolences !!!!

      • Prayers sent to you, I can’t imagine your pain and grief but I pray for your comfort. My sincere condolences. My kids lost their father the same way.

      • That’s why Negroes don’t have a dam thing. They don’t know how to stick together.
        They forget about their homies when they leave the hood rich.
        They dream of leaving the hood so that they can live around white folks.
        I’m sorry about your loss. I’m sure you’re not giving us the whole story. We can surmise why your homie met his demise. And a lot of folks will think that he bought it on himself. Even you say that he bought it on himself by returning to the hood. Right?
        And to quote Biggy Smalls, “You fools are a mess!”

  4. Man the thing is he doesn’t sound like a hater and I like Snoop but this dude sound like he knows what he’s talking about. If more big hommies spoke up there wouldn’t be so many gangster rappers talking about bullshit. If your representing a hood and you make it by all means move out get your children an education and have them build on what you have started. And if you represent a hood and make it should you give back to that neighborhood? Yes of course you should start a non-profit get some smart educated people from that hood to run it and help!! That’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

    • Trill talk…Snoop is Original true. Blue from the east side as far as im concerned. ….i remember when he beat a murder. Rap…when a rival gang member tried to catch him lacC-in….well snoop smoked him…then he made the song “mmurder Was the case that they gave me!”at that time snoop was tight with the coldest rapper who ever. Lived. ..(2pac)…Anyway you can never do enough for the hood…at some point you gotta move on…R.I.p….sorry for ya lost…i feel ya…So much East side..this west side that….Rolling this….niehborhoods Bkeefing with that. .FRONT. STREET. BKEEFING with this…when its all True Bklue…i dont know. .LoCz so devided. …And misguided. CuZ….i had to fold…much love though. ..

  5. That’s the problems people that make it out the hood Feel guilty for they success because they getting they money . snoop dont oue you niggas nothing cant get mad at a nigga. For doing something for us self instead of killing and robbing other people for what they wont. If he pit some of you lil niggas on be greatful you got a shot.

  6. This is why its important to get away from the hood and the people in it when you come up. Because if you dont you’ll end up dead, cause most black you know especialy family members will expect you to be their personal bank. And when you refuse to be they will begin to hate you. When a person any person gains money or fame you have to switch up not because your better , but for safty reasons!

  7. Big flossy needs to get his own paper and do for the hood. Flossy a grown ass man waiting for snoop to better his hood instead of doing it himself. Thats the problem. So snoop goes back on his word, then step up take care your hood stop wanting someone else to. So he started gang banging in 90s, you gotta start sometime somewhere. Thats like saying any new gang members starting after any other is not legit gangsters. Flossy mad about a turkey drive, im wondering what flossy done beside bitch!

    • if you make an agreement with someone you gotta stand by that shit all we have as a man is our word an cuz gave his word he dont owe thm everything but atleast what he said he would do thats not hating thats jus speakin real shit if you dnt kno how the hood work learn b4 you speak on it bcuz shit could get real bcuz tht gang gang ain no play play Baby Nolove NBCC C careful

    • Studded Box, Who is the homie you are referring to. Because this guy is right, big Flossy if you are an OG began before Snoop, you should have already had yours before Snoop. You can’t get mad because Snoop made it. Snoop would be risking his life

      • True. Snoop would be risking his life if he went back down there.
        Ain’t no denying that.
        But he can help create $hit without being in the mix.



    Wednesday….. Don’t do it in front of the white man….

    Why? I thought you weren’t scared?

    • Lol you guys aren’t scared of the white man, yet , “don’t do it in front of the white man” sounds like somebody doesn’t have his 50 homies to back him up. Pfffffffft not scared. You ain’t gotta lie to kick it holmes. Just Admit it.

    • So what the police out here shooting us black young and old men and women up and you sayin he ain’t gave nothing back well do he have to really as long he takes care of his family he don’t have to do shit. Now I will not disrespect yo hood because that’s what you do I use but it’s more to that as I go older and I didn’t have to go to jail to see it why do we gang bang better yet you the Big homie OG why donor you stop the lil homies form bang you older your wiser at least your suppose to be💯💯💯💯🙏🏽



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