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  • BadHabbit – LongBeach JuggHouse (Music Video)

    Bad Habit from Rollin 20s Crips “The Long Beach JuggHouse” music video featuring Roc C Advertisements More

  • Kill Kill – Here We Go One More Time (2Pac Diss)

    Kill Kill, is a rapper from Watts (Los Angeles), affiliated with the Grape Street Crips. In 1995, Kill Kill accused Tupac Shakur, of stealing the “Dear Mama” concept from his song “Mama Dear,” after handing him a demo tape at 92.3 The Beat (radio station). Kill Kill, originally debuted with “Watts Up” (single) off his self-titled ep, in 1995.       […] More

  • LMKR – Cueto (Music Video)

    Compton AV (LMKR) from Carver Park Compton Crips release “Cueto” music video featuring G.I Joe from Rolling 60s Neighborhood crips, Tee Cee 4800 from School Yard Crips & more!   More

  • Woman seeking revenge on ex-boyfriend sets wrong car on fire

    Florida police say a woman wanted her ex-boyfriend to feel the burn of her anger – so she tried to set his car on fire. However, authorities say she ended up targeting the wrong vehicle. The Clearwater Florida Police Department posted surveillance video on the its Facebook page of a woman intentionally setting a car […] More

  • Woman Gives Birth To Child After Being Shot In Abdomen

    According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Crystal Myers and Albert Moore were among the 65 people that were shot over the holiday weekend. Moore, 24,was shot in the neck and Moore, 23, shot in the abdomen late Monday (Sept. 5.) The incident happened while the couple sat outside of their grandparents’ home. Police claim a gunman snuck […] More

  • Hard Labor Day: 9 Crimes Committed By Pregnant Women

    Please don’t pardon the pun. In honor of Labor Day, here are nine crimes committed by women-with-child, some of whom committed their bad-doings while on the brink of going into just that — labor. Also consider this a reminder: It’s a holiday — call your mom. 1. Pregnant Driver Runs Down Deputy Jordan Alyse Gary, 23, […] More

  • Jerry Heller, N.W.A Manager, Dies at 75

    Jerry Heller, N.W.A’s controversial original manager and music industry veteran, has died, his cousin Gary Ballen confirms to Billboard. He was 75; the cause of death is not yet known. Already in his mid-40s when he paired up with aspiring rap mogul Eazy-E, Heller became an unlikely booster of gangsta rap, and his efforts helped […] More

  • 2 Women Caught Smuggling 200 Pounds Of Cocaine Across The Border

    Two Quebec women face life in prison after being busted smuggling 30-Million in cocaine during a luxury cruise from the UK to Sydney, Australia. Melina Roberge and Isabella Lagace, both in their 20s, spent the last two months of their life traveling on Ms Sea Princess, a ship that nearly seats 2,000 passengers with tickets ranging […] More

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