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West Coast Story Documentary (East LA Gangs)


West Coast Story

In 1978, CBS News 60 Minutes filmed West Coast Story, a documentary about Mexican-American street gangs of East Lost Angeles, California. This is probably one of the first films in the history of gangs to solely focus on gang culture in East LA. The Documentary features gang members from El Hoy Maravilla, White Fence, Lil Valley, and the Geraghty Lomas.

The always fearless, always perfectly coiffed NBC host Dan Rather goes to East LA in the world of Bandanas, Wifebeater and mustaches, interviewed (former) Gangster, Cops, and churchmen. Happy, a young member of the Geraghty Lomas shoots himself on camera in the abdomen during target practice. By the way: The Maravilla Gangs are among the first street gangs in all of Los Angeles according to unitedgangs.com

The Cast

  • Ruth Sanchez, an ex-member of the White Fence Gang
  • Happy (Geraghty Lomas)
  • Gumby (Geraghty Lomas)
  • Smiley (Geraghty Lomas)
  • Peter (El Hoy Maravilla)
  • Samson (El Hoy Maravilla)
  • Bab (El Hoyo Maravilla)


2 Comments on West Coast Story Documentary (East LA Gangs)

  1. Sloppy wet,s


  2. Lol pinche Happy is now El Stupid


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