Lennox 13

The Varrio Lennox (LNX), also known as Lennox 13 (LNX13) or the LNX Gang, is a  predominantly Hispanic street gang located in the Lennox area of unincorporated Los Angeles County, California. This gang originated in the 1960s, on the West Side of Lennox, with around 650 acted members, according to Los Angeles police. The Lennox 13 consist of several Dukes (DKS), Pee Wees (PWS), Winos (WNS), Cycos and the Night Owls.

The Lennox 13, originally known as the Lennox or Varrio Lennox, and adopted the “13” (Sureno 13) in the early 1990s. The number 13, show their alliance to The Mexican-Mafia, a notorious criminal organization located in the California prison systems. The Lennox 13, are known for being East of the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Their varrio stretches from La Brea Ave to The 405 Freeway, between 104th Street to 111th Street. Parts of their territory also extends into near-by cities Glendale and Lawndale, California.

In The News

In 2011, nearly 500 local, state and federal agencies arrested 27 people connected to the Lennox 13, after an eighteen month criminal investigation by the Los Angeles Gang and Narcotics Enforcement along with the Drug Task Force, and several other law enforcement agencies. The operation included U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations, which mainly focused on the Lennox 13, criminal activities and their connection to the Mexican-Mafia

 Allies And Rivals

The Lennox 13 are allies of the Mexican-Mafia, and falls under their Sureño 13 (Sur 13). Their main rivals were the Hawthorne Dynasty (HDS), a Latino tagging crew and the EU-Mob Crips also known as the 118 Gangster Crips, a predominantly African-American street gang. Other main rivals of the Lennox 13 are the Tepas 13 and the Tonga Crip Gang as we as the Inglewood 13.


27 People Arrested Linked to The Lennox 13


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