Varrio Pasadena Rifas (VPR) are primarily a Mexican-American street gang in the northwest area of Pasadena, CA. They are believed to be one of  the first original gangs in Pasadena. Their neighborhood is located in the La Pintoresca community between N Summit Ave and Penn Street. The VPR consist of two cliques, the first one is called Bulletts and the second one is called the Assassins. Despite, their size this gang is very active and often fued with larger latino gangs in the area. Rivals include the Pasadena Denver Lanes (PDL), Pasa Latin Kings, Villa Boys Pasa, North Side Pasa, and the Altadena Denver Lane Bloods (ADL). L-Boy (rapper) who is currently signed to Mack 10 label Hoo Bangin, is affiated with the Varrio Pasadena Rifa.


Pasadena man’s murder trial gets underway


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