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  • Joe Moses – Super Hyphy (Music Video)

    Joe Moses from VanNess Gangster Bloods new music video “Super Hyphy”   Advertisements More

  • Gi Joe Omg – Dollaz N Sense (Music Video)

    Gi Joe Omg from Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crip who you have seen previously on UnitedGangs. Gi Joe has remix to Dollaz N Sense by Dj Quik throw back classic. Comment your opinion on how good did he remix the song!!! More

  • TeeCee4800- Crippin (Music Video)

    TeeCee4800 from School Yard Crip featuring Vince Staples from Naughty Nasty gangster Crips (LBC) and  D.loc. “Crippin” new music video out. More

  • Pacman Da GunMan – Cabalistic (Music Video)

    PNC Pacman Da GunMan from Rollin 60’S Neighborhood Crips “Cabalistic” music video with Nipsey Hussle. The founder of the “All Money In” label pacman is signed to. Cabalistic is a single off pacman latest projects, the “Optimistic 2” mix tape. More

  • Hitta J3 -Full Fledge (Music Video)

    Underground Compton West Side Piru rapper Hitta  J3, who made a name for himself when he released his hit songs like “Do Yo Gudda” and “West Side Bompton”a few years back.  “Full Fledge” is one of his more recent singles featuring RJ. Prior to past post he was starring in “Head On A Swivle” which […] More

  • S.Dot – Hustle Hard (Music Video)

    Throw back of the Black Diciples rappers before they were in their prime. Music Video has a combination of still present rappers and those that passed away like LA Capone or those who are facing murder cases like RondonumbaNine and Cdai. Those that are still present in the Rap game are Chief Keef, S.Dot, Edai […] More