Hi-C (born Crawford Wilkerson) is an African-American rap artist from Compton, California. Hi-C was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, relocated to the city of Compton. Hi-C befriended DJ Quik, 2nd II None (KK and Gangsta D), Tony A (Tony Alvarez), and AMG. Hi-C is also a former member of the west side Compton Tree Top Piru.

Hi-C met DJ Quik along with 2nd II None in school. Hi-C and DJ Quik grew up on the West Side of Compton, in the Tree Top Piru neighborhood. Meanwhile, 2nd II None grew up on the East Side of Compton, in the Elm Street Piru neighborhood. However, the trio remain good friends (The Skanless Crew).

Music, Movies, And Soundtracks

Hi-C and Tony A started recording underground tapes and selling them at the Roadium Swatmeet, located in the city of Torrence. Where the two met NWA members, Dr. Dre and MC Ren on several occasions.

In December 10, 1991, Hi-C debuted with Skanless (album) along with three singles “I’m Not Your Puppet” in 1991, “Leave My Curl Alone” in 1992, and “Sittin In The Park” in 1992. The album (Skanless) was mainly produced by childhood friends DJ Quik and Tony A. The album had features from 2nd II None as well as AMG.

In 1993, Hi-C provided vocals and lyrics for Chris Rock (MC Gusto) for “Straight Outta Locash” and “Sweat From My Balls” songs for CB4 (movie). Hi-C can also be seen in Malibu’s Most Wanted (movie) freestyling against Jamie Kennedy (B Brad). Other soundtracks include: South Central and Encino Man as well as Head Of State

DJ Quik Fallout

DJ Quik and Kurupt released a single called “F**k Y’all” for their collaboration album (Blaqout). DJ Quik compared Hi-C to “Hi-C, AMG, K&D why yall names all rhyme and mine don’t? Cause i got it and yall wont.” DJ Quik ends the song by saying “I’ma tell you niggaz once and for all dagnabbit If you can’t see me with it, then you can never have it So fuck y’all”


  • 2001: The Hi-Life Hustle
  • 1993: Swing’n
  • 1991: Skanless


  • 1993: CB4
  • 1993: Malibu’s Most Wanted
  • 1993: Head Of State
  • 1992: Encino Man
  • 1992: South Central


  • Dead Homiez