The Holmes Street Crips (HSC) also known as Holmes Street Watts (HSW) are an African-American street gang located on the East Side in the Willowbrook/Watts community of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood is West of the Kenneth Hahn Plaza (Shopping Center) from 117th Street to 118th Street, between Wilmington Ave and Compton Ave. This gang as been active since the 1980’s.

They was named after a residential street (Holmes Ave) in their neighborhood, which is considered the heart of their territory. The Holmes Street Watts are known to sport Orange and Blue as their gang colors, along with the Houston Astros baseball caps for the letter “H” to represent Holmes.


H-Bone (rapper), made his debut on Lil Keke Loco project N.O.T.S. (Niggas Off The Streets) and the True Blue Trilogy in the 1990s. H-Bone is affiliated with the Holmes Street Crips. In 2006, Bam Loc and Young Bo, released a song called “On Crip” which was featured on the Rep Yo Set (compilation CD). Bam Loc and Young Bo are both from Holmes Street Watts Crip.

In The News

In 1991, the Holmes Street Crips made headlines, when Vernon Cox (Holmes Street Watts)along with his fellow comrades Shon Ramone Yokely and Darrell Whitson from 118 Blocc East Coast Crips, shot two brothers and their sister along with her 14 month old daughter (Mitchshalae). The two brothers and their sister survived, however Mitchshalae, was shot in the face she died before the paramedic arrived.Cox testified that he had also identified defendant as the shooter at a court proceeding in 1992. Cox was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony.

In November 1992, a jury convicted Shon Ramone Yokely, of one count of first degree murder, three counts of attempted murder, and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. Defendant was sentenced to four consecutive life terms. Cox testified that he had also identified Shon Ramone Yokely, as the shooter at a court proceeding in 1992. Vernon Cox was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Allies And Rivals

Their closes ally are the 7th Street Watts Crips, this alliance is known as the “187 Watts Crips.”  The Holmes Street Crips and the 7th Street Crips also share common enemies such as the Mona Park Compton Crips and the Compton Varrio Largo 36 as well as the Bounty Hunter Bloods. Other allies consist of Carver Park Compton CripsHarlem 30s Crips, Front Street Crips and the Grape Street Crips.

The Holmes Street Crips have been known to feud with gangs outside of Watts such as the Miller Gangster Bloods and Mad Swan Bloods, located in South Los Angeles and all Compton Pirus.



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