Hustla Squad Clicc Gang

The Hustla Squad Clicc (HSC), also known as the Hustla Squad Gang are an active African-American criminal street gang located in Rialto, California. Their formation is the result of an alliance formed by members of Los Angeles street gangs (bloods and crips) who had relocated to the San Bernardino County/Inland Empire. The Hustla Squad Clicc territory stretches from North Cedar Ave to North Cactus Ave, between West Rialto Ave and W Etiwanda Ave.

The Hustla Squad Gang consist of a few cliques such as the Deuce Line (Second Line ) and the Country Club Mafia. Members are known to congregate in apartment complexes on North Beechwood Avenue and Glenwood avenue. The Hustla Squad Clicc comprises 100 active members, according to court documents with history dating back to 2005.

Operation Hush-A-Squad

On July 29, 2011, hundreds of law enforcement officers served over twenty-five members of the Hustla Squad Clicc with gang injunctions during a multi-agency operation dubbed “Operation Hush-a-Squad”. During the course of the operation, eighty-nine criminals were arrested on various charges such as being in procession of firearms, marijuana and violating the terms of probation.

The gang injunction has caused many members of the Hustla Squad Gang, to move outside of Rialto. The San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael A. Ramos, and the Rialto Police Captain Tony Farrar, described the Hustla Squad Clicc as a local terrorist group. Who terrorizes residents within the community, by using intimidation tactics.

Allies And Rivals

The Hustla Squad Clicc are bitter rivals of the Ramona Blocc Hustlers, a predominantly African-American street gang. For instance, in 2007, a member of the Hustla Squad shot two members of the Ramona Blocc Hustlers, killing one, at a local shopping mall. On October 7, two members of the Hustla Squad Clicc were shopping for shoes at the Rio Rancho Discount Mall, located on Foothill Blvd in Rialto.

When they were confronted in the parking lot of the mall, by two unarmed members of the Ramona Blocc Hustlers, which led to a heated altercation. Both members of the Ramona Blocc Hustlers were shot, the first victim was fatally shot once in the chest near the mall’s west entrance. The second victim was shot twice, once in the arm, and once in the thigh as he attempted to run.

 The entire incident was captured on 16 security cameras and the suspected gunman was sentenced to 90 years to life in prison.




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