Mac Mafia Crips

The Mac Mafia Crips (MMC) also known as the Double M Gang is primarily, but not exclusively, an African-American street gang located in North Long Beach, California. Their neighborhood is around Andy Street, between Obispo Ave and Downy Ave. They represent North Side, due to their neighborhood residing in the Northern region of Long Beach. The Mac Mafia Crips are known to sport Milwaukee Brewers, baseball caps with the large letter “M” which corresponds to the first letters of the gang name.

The Mac Mafia Crips, claim North Side (Norf Side), due to their neighborhood being located in the Northern region of Long Beach. They fall under the Mafia Crips umbrella, along with the Boulevard Mafia Crips and the Blue Gate Mafia Crips as well as the Beach Town Mafia Crips. The Mac Mafia Crips are small when compared to larger gangs in Long Beach, such as the Insane Crips and the Asian Boyz Crips. However, despite their size they were considered the most active gang in the Northern section of Long Beach.

In The News

On July 21, 2006, Roderick Milner, better known on the streets as “Lil Toons” of the Mac Mafia Crips, was charged with first-degree murder after killing a local resident in his front of his mother. The victim who was identified as Darnell Humphrey, with no gang affiliation. However, Roderick Milner, accused the victim and his friend of being affiliated with the Naughty Nasty Crips, a rival gang of the Mac Mafia Crips.

Darnell encountered Milner, ten minutes later at a two-story apartment complex located on Andy Street, this area is claimed by the Mac Mafia Crips. Allegedly, Darnell attempted to break up a fight between his friend, who was beaten unconscious. As a result, Milner turned his tension away from the victim and focused his anger on Darnell. Lil Toons open fired from a firearm striking Darnell, who collapsed and died from multiple gunshots.

A jury was found Roderick Milner (Lil Toons) guilty and received two terms of 25 years to life for the Humphrey murder and firearm enhancement, plus ten years for gang enhancement. Which means, the slaying of Darnell Humphrey were committed to benefit or on behalf of the gang (Mac Mafia Crips). The shooting left one dead and one injured, but manage to survive.

In 2006, the Mac Mafia Crips were featured in the news when Yetunde Price, the half-sister of the professional tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams, was killed in the city of Compton. Yetunde Price and her boyfriend Rolland Wormley, who have known connections with the Mac Mafia Crips, was outside a house on Greenleaf Blvd, this region of Compton represented by the South Side Compton Crips.

Yetunde Price was fatally shot in the back of the head, while riding in the passenger seat of a GMC Yukon Denali (SUV), driven by Rolland Wormley, who police believed was the intended target. A dozen of bullets from an AK -47 (assault rifle) ripped through the Yukon truck, Price was rushed to the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, where she shortly after died.

On March 22 of 2009, Robert Edward Maxfield, a known member of the South Side Compton Crips, who was 25 years of age at the time of the shooting, pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to fifteen years in a state prison. The Compton Police Department, speculate the shooting was the result of a feud between the Mac Mafia Crips and the South Side Compton Crips.

 Allies & Rivals

The Mac Mafia Crips are allies of all gangs under the Mafia Crips such as the Blvd Crips and the Main Street Mafia Crips as well as the  99 Watts Mafia Crips. They have an alliance with the Original Hood Crips and the Blvd Mafia Crips, known as the M.O.B. (Mafia-Original-Blvd).

The Mac Mafia Crips are rivals of the Naughty Nasty Gangster CripsRollin 20s Crips, Insane Crips Gang along with the Varrio Longo 13 and the South Side Compton Crips.



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