Porky, left, and Pony of the Marianna Maravilla gang. (East Los Angeles, 1993)

The Marianna Maravilla (MMV), are a Mexican-American subset of the larger Barrio Maravilla Gang, which consist several of smaller criminal street gangs operating in the same barrio in East Los Angeles, California. They were founded in the 1940s, bounded by the 60 Freeway and Whittier Blvd between Atlantic Blvd and Eastern Avenue.

The Marianna Maravilla are the second largest (after El Hoyo MV) subset of the Maravilla Gang. Their cliques are the Winitos, Cherries, Santitos, Diablos, and the Pistoleros. Females who are affiliated with this barrio, are known as the Marianna Maravilla “Monas” or Marvelous Monas. The Moeriya Maravilla, is a subset of the Marianna Maravilla with their own cliques such as the Tiny Dukes, Jokers, and the Sinners.

In 2000, members of the Marianna Maravilla were featured in East Side Stories: Gang Life In East Los Angeles, a photographic book by Joseph Rodriguez (Author), Ruben Martinez (Author), and Luis J. Rodriguez (Author). The book document gang life in neighborhoods associated with gangs such as the Evergreen GangClarence Street, and the Florencia 13.

Allies And Rivals

The Marianna Maravilla are rivals of the 38th Street Gang and the Varrio Lott 13 as well as all sounding Sureno street gang. Despite being a gang under the Maravilla moniker they are known to clash with neighboring street gangs such Arizona Maravilla (AMV) and Ford Maravilla (FMV).


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