Parlay Starr

Parlay Starr (born Deshawn Carter), is an American rapper and founder of Most Hated Thugs Entertainment (record label), he raised on the East Side of South Los Angeles, California. Parlay Starr grow up in the Pueblos Housing Projects, and is affiliated with the Pueblos Bishop Bloods (Low Bottoms). He met DJ Quik of Tree Top Piru through 2nd II None of Elm Street Piru.

Despite, being an independent artist, Parlay Starr have collaborated with several notable artist’s such as TygaChris Brown, Redrum 781 from Avenue Piru Gang and former member of the Bloods & Crips/Damu Ridas. Parlay Starr have also collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Tha Realest, former artist’s of Death Row Records.

Industry Feuds

Parlay Starr, received national media coverage, after engaging in a feud with Tyga (rapper) of Young Money Records. The fued started after Starr accused Tyga of stealing, what was supposed to be his breakthrough song “Like Me” featuring Chris Brown and Tyga. Parlay stated that his vocals were deleted by Tyga, who allegedly leaked the song to the internet and took all the credit.

In an interview with, Parlay mentions how he made several attempts of reconciling the conflict by reaching out to Tyga on several occasions. However, Parlay also accuses Tyga of avoiding him by disconnecting his phone number and having members of the Hoover Criminals Gang to call his phone on behalf of Tyga.

In 2010, Chris Brown and Ricky Romance, who is mainly known for being the brother of Raz-B (former member of the r&b group “B2K”) were involved in a feud, which originated over twitter comments made about Chris Brown and Rihanna, domestic violence case in 2009. Romance released a video online threatening Chris Brown “if i see you in L.A. im a put my motherf**king pistal in your mouth.” Parlay Starr, stepped in on behalf of Chris Brown, by taking shots and calling out Romance.

Suge Knight former co-founder of Death Row Records and member of the Lueder Park Piru, along with ten members of his entourage. Allegedly, beat up and robed Oakland rapper Yukmouth (Da Luniz) of $92,000 dollars worth of Jewelry in a Ralph’s Supermarket parking lot.  Yukmouth supposedly placed the blame on Parlay Starr, who took offense to these accusations and released “Beef Is In The Air” (diss song) where he addresses this situation in more details. However, these feuds are no longer active or relevent.


  • 2014: Last Cloth
  • 2012: StarrFace “The World Is Mine And Everythang in it” Hosted by Dj Whoo Kid
  • 2011: B4 Da Fame Came vol. 3&4 (Mixtape)
  • 2010: Welcome to my World



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