Peter “Uncle” Chong (莊炳強)  (birthed in 1943) is a Chinese gangster and ex-leader of the Wo Hop To Triad crime syndicate in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Chong travel to the United States from Hong Kong in 1982, seemingly to create a Chinese opera house, however was implicated in court  records of  ending up being  in charge of the Wo Hop  To Triad (和合桃) criminal empire in San Fransisco Chinatown, California.

Peter Chong was sent to  San Francisco “Chinatown” Ca, by the Wo Hop To “Triad” with intentions to dominate the Asian  underworld. Peter Chong befriended Raymond Chow ex-leader of the Hop Sing BoysThe other Chinatown gangs such as the Hop Sing Boys, Joe Boys, had dismantle due to police Gang Task pressure

The Rise Of A Gang-Lord

Peter Chong and Raymond Chow, convinced the remaining gangs to join the Wo Hop To, except for Danny “Ah Pai” Wong  leader of the Wah Ching Gang, who refused to join the Wo Hop To TriadThis led to an intense battle between the Wo Hop To and The Wah Ching Gang, resulting in a Wah Ching member being killed outside of a night-club in 1990, one month later the Wah Ching  took their vengeance by killing a Wo Hop To member.

A peace meeting was called between the two gangs, but in 1991, Danny Wong, was shot to death while sitting in his car. San Francisco Police Department speculated Danny was murdered by the Wo Hop To. Peter Chong and Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow  created an umbrella organization called Tien Ha Wui  meaning “Whole Earth association,” with plans to control all criminal activity in Chinatowns throughout the United States.

The Fall Of A Gang-Lord

They dominated SF Chinatown, NY Chinatown, but Boston Chinatown was ran by Wayne Kwon and his arch-enemy Bike Ming, Wayne Kwon agreed to join forces with Peter Chong but Bike Ming refused. Peter Chong send assassins to Boston to kill Mike Ming, who was the leader of  the Ping On Organization, but the murder attempt failed and led to several leaders of theTien Ha Wui’  being arrested including Raymond Chow.

Peter Chong fled to Hong Kong  days  prior to his indictment in 1992,  however he was extradited to the States in 2000.  In 2002,  Chong was found guilty of racketeering, murder for hire, extortion, and arson, and was  penalized to fifteen years behind prison bars. Peter Chong was released from prison in 2008.


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