Pacoima 13

Pacoima 13 (Pacas Trece )

The Pacoima 13 (P13) or Pacas Trece (Pacas is slang for Pacoima) are primarily a Mexican-American street gang based in Pacoima, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. They are one of the oldest Latino gangs in Pacoima, along with the Pacoima Latin Times and the Pacoima Flats. Their history dates back to the […]

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Lancas 13

Lancas 13

The Lancas 13 (L13), are an Mexican-American street gang located in the Antelope Valley on the West Side of Lancaster, California. They originated in the 1980s, with over a 150 active members associated with the Mexican Mafia. They are the largest Sureño gang in the city of Lancaster, with several cliques throughout the Antelope Valley and Santa […]

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North Highlands Gangster Crips

North Highlands Gangster Crips

The North Highlands Gangster Crips (NHGC), also known as the North Highlands Crips (NHC) are a large criminal street organization based in North Highlands, Sacramento County, California. Bloods are the predominant Black gang in Sacramento. However, in North Highlands the Crips are the dominant Black gang. The North Highlands Gangster Crips consist of several aligned street gangs and […]

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by yourself hustler Crips

By Yourself Hustler Crips

By Yourself Hustler Crips (BYHC), also known as the Selfish Gang as well as the By Yourself Gangster Crips (BYGC), due to their affiliation with the Gangster Crips are primarily as an African-American street gang based on the West Side of Los Angeles, California. They were very active throughout the 1990s, with cliques and subsets […]

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Trae Wess – Keep On Movin (music Video)

Trae Wess from  73 Hustler Gangster Crips “Keep On Movin” remix to 2pac “Picture Me Rollin”  

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MC Eight – Interview on Tupac Shakur

Compton rapper MC Eight from the rap group “Comptons Most Wanted” interview on world wide rapper 2pac. MC Eight talk about how close he was with Tupac Shakur but also tells the world where Tupac went wrong by affiliating his self with compton gangs such as the MOB Piru which make caused him to take […]

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Monster Norm – Stay Schemin (Music Video)

Monster Norm from Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips “Stay Schemin” music video the remix.

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lil jay

Lil Jay -Faneto (G-Mix) (Music Video)

Lil Jay of the Gangster Diciples drop a “Faneto” remix  music video & take shots at Black Diciples gang.

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A21 Project – Watts City (Music Video)

CEO Gutta from PJ Watts Crips come together with A21 Poject of the the Bounty Hunner Watts Bloods to represent Watts,CA with the music video “Watts City”.

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9 Possible Human Skulls Found In A Compton Store

COMPTON, Calif. –Possible human and animal bones, including nine human skulls, were discovered at a store that sells Santeria products in Compton on Friday. Los Angeles County coroner investigators were collecting the remains at the location in the 1500 block of N. Long Beach Boulevard, according to Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. Anthropologists and pathologists […]

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Nordy Ent – War Time (Music Video)

Watts rap group “Nordy Ent” from The Hat Gang Watts Crips “War Time” music video Taking shots at their rival gang 99 Watts Mafia Crips.

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600Breezy – 24 Barz PT3 (Music Video)

Chicago rapper 600 Breezy also known as “Six O Breezo” from the black Dicples Gang (600 Block) released “24 Barz” PT3, the single.

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The Game – Flag/Da Homies (Music Video)

  Compton rapper The Game “Flag” & “Da Homies” Music Video featuring Joe Moses,Jay 305,Ty Dolla $ign,Rj, and AD. Songis from The Game new album “The Documentary 2.5”.

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Jr.Layz – Life Style (Music Video)

Jr.Layz of the Blood Stone Villan “Life Style” (Remix)  music video.

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