Centinela Park Family (Bloods)


The Centinela Park Family (CPF) is a blood street gang, which primiley consist of African-Americans located on the East Side of Inglewood, California. They name themselves after a popular public park called Centinela Park also known as Edward Vincent Junior Park, and is located on Centinela Ave, between Hyde Park Blvd and Florence Ave.

The Centinela Park Family fall under the Family Bloods umbrella, along with the Inglewood Family Gang and Family Sawn Bloods. and the Neighborhood Pirus. Other allies include: BloodStone Villians, Crenshaw Mafia Gang. They share parts of their neighborhood with the Rollin 60s Crips, which is one of their worst enemies along with the 64 West Blvd Crips.

Other rivals include: Rollin 90 Crips, Rollin 40 CripsOsage Legand Crips83 Gangster Crips, and the Tongan Crips Gang.

25 Responses to “Centinela Park Family (Bloods)”

  1. Just 2 let da Nela’z whø dønkt knkøw y me & 1Punckh started da 79 møB 4 1 da park iš ønk 6k7št We just turnked da Bix upšide døwnk tø da 9 & 7 B4 da Bix….. kept it šiššy kinkg nkøt 2 menktIønk y šum Bix høeš here nkø mø dey gøt Nela’d ink 1979 & pušh BacK 2 øff 64št & øff wešt Blvd

  2. suspextone1@yahoo.com Reply February 14, 2015 at 4:10 am

    S79W6k4 Frm 64 to 94 ckhkain Fxxls NNelaz-FAMILYz rk dxnkt Bankg

  3. On n park now.u all need to hook up with L.Army.self realization program.n mayb not b a local sucker cause if it dont make dollars.dont make jokes.A.k.A.A.D.A.k.AE.Z

  4. Uh huh the Nela’z was Pirus Where did they get that from Hell ask any Rips out the west sides of LA and they can tell you just like BLOODS or Pirus and fuck naw 60s dont share shit with no Bloods or anyone in that matter…lolPlus 60s never claim that part all through history but the w/s Crips used to hold their meeting there in the early 70 s till them IFG shot that shit up and tht how the CPF was born to keep it held down and its alot of names missing from them who started them plus they really got start in Inglewood high at in the Park .Hazel st was their head quarters at the apartment on the corner of Hazel

  5. Yeah I know OG JDog & lil.Jdog

    • suspextone1@yahoo.com Reply February 14, 2015 at 4:20 am

      P Br ian ya’ll me this OG RiverRatt1 Nela’z 4ever S79W64 gang nkapp BashKING & dem Bustas whkx dxnkt their hkistxry talkING abxut IngleWatts Dat was a FamIly Hkunta’z thkING after da watts riot way B4 ya’ll even ckaink

  6. Who dis bogus ass site wit all dis miss InFo…Da Nela’z neva ben Ru’z At first we was Park Side Family’z Beblood our hood is between 2 parks BentiNela & oiNorth Side Park & both parks separate us from the 60’s And da only udda hoods was there was da Long st Piru & Hype Park Boys Big Diamond, Rubby Red, Snoop1&2 started NHP & they was from LPP & WSP outta Bompton & big Rees frm NHB ®20z And it was Big Smid Dawg G’Tate , Goldy Mack,June Bug , Mighty Mouse, along wit da 77 border Rattz


  7. fKucc faggets ifK cpfK from da 77K to da 94K 92 NH LEGEND CRIP

  8. Breanna5505@gmail.com Reply June 14, 2014 at 12:18 am

    CPF all muthafuckin day period fuck crabs ladytaf said it

  9. SooWoo Wesr’z my Bgang NELA’z This big og RiverRatt1 get at me Dawg

  10. I grew up in the wood from 98 to 05 and the Piru’s i knew mostly from NHP, but i used to hang in what i knew it to be Centinela Park Families…

    • Who are you ????? I’m from da NELA’z always has been and always will Bee SooWoo 64st 65st 68st 79moB

  11. Never heard of CPF’z being Ru’z and no documents or gang graffiti to support such a claim and nothing on police files have there been a Nela Ru gang. …Only hates … And yes I’m a G from Nela Park to the heart S79W64 CPIFG mutha Fuckn B …And yes we did had Beef with the NHP’z back in the early 80’z But they always been our homies And did beef very shortly with our big relatives IFG but every hood beef with one another eventually But da FAMILY always be FAMILY and much love fa All da I bang’n dat mighty Bgang and my world wide DAMU Rida’z Bee’z ^ up anything else Well y’all know SooWoo r nothing

  12. dats da stupidest name iv ever heard. crips all da way

  13. OG JDOG NELA PARK FAMILY BLOODS Reply October 27, 2010 at 11:06 pm


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