Venice Shoreline Crips


The Venice Shoreline Crips (VSLC) are the largest African-American street gang inside Venice, a region on the West Side of Los Angeles, California. Their territory stretches from Sunset ave to California ave, between 7th ave and 5th ave. They call their turf “Ghost Town” and they fall under the “Deuce (2x)” card.

The Venice Shoreline Crips, was started by Abbot Kinney in the late 1960s, and has dominated Venice for over two decades with their numbers ranging in the several hundreds. Local rival gangs often found themselves out numbered and had to call a “truce” with other nearby gangs, in order to compete with the Venice Shoreline Crips.

Allies And Rivals

Their allies include most Neigborhood CripsWest Boulevard Crips111 Neigborhood Crips, Rollin 20s CripsTen Line Gangster Crips, and most of Compton Crips. They mainly feud with Surenos gangs such as the Venice 13, Culver City Boyz, and the Santa Monica 13. The VSLC was engaged in an intense battle with the Rollin 60s Crips throughout the 1990s. Other enemies include the 18th Street GangRollin 20s Bloods, Van Ness Gangster Bloods, LA Denver Lanes Bloods, Black P Stones, Inglewood Family Bloods, Graveyard Gangster Crips, and the Playboy Gangster Crips,

10 Responses to “Venice Shoreline Crips”

  1. Ignorant negrots

  2. not to mention this site fucks up the boundaries of all hoods every hood i looked up is totally wrong their hood is like 3 blocks wide lol
    who the fuck writes this shit

  3. VSLC FAR WEST!!!!!!

  4. fuck vermin dirteens

  5. Fuck shoeLaces! You niggas are no longer a factor on the streets.


  7. Fucc ShoeLaces

  8. also that picture you put up isnt a picture of them, its a picture of european venetians, white boys who never stepped foot in venice, CA…

  9. uhhh…first of all, they arent NHs (neighborhood crips) they’re just dueces (2x) …second of all nobody calls it ghost town anymore, hasnt been called that since the 90s, its just called oakwood now…3rd of all, they dont beef with the graveyards anymore

  10. “Deuce Deuce “

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