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The 102 Raymond Avenue Crips (RAC) are a long-standing street gang consisting African-American/Tongans located on the in Inglewood, California. The 102 Raymonds are a subset of the larger Raymond Avenue Crips gang. Their neighborhood is around 102nd Street, between Century Blvd and Praire Ave.

The Raymond Ave Crips have a strong alliance with the 120 Raymond Ave Crips (Athens) and the Tonga Crip Gang (Inglewood). The Raymond Ave Crips mainly operated in several two-story apartments located on 102nd Street. However, majority of these apartments are abandoned or burned down.

The 102 Raymond Ave Crips are believed to the largest crip gang in the city of Inglewood. They are bitter rivals of the Crenshaw Mafia Gang and the Denver Lane Bloods as well as the Avenue Piru Gang. They also have a violent feud with Osage Legend Crips and the Inglewood 13 (Hispanic gang).


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