The 112 Hoover Criminals Gang or 11-Deuce Hoover Criminals Gang also known as the “Lay-Lows” and formerly known as the Hoover Crips Gang, are an African-American street gang located on the West Side of South Los Angeles, California. The 112 Hoover Criminals Gang are a sub-set of the infamous Hoover Criminals Gang.

The 112 Hoover Criminals Gang originated in the 1970s, around 107 Street and Hoover Street, between Vermont Ave and Figueroa Ave. The 112 Hoover Criminals Gang, have been around for several generations and still standing strong.

Allies & Rivals

The 112 Hoover Criminals, are allies of all gangs under the Hoover Criminals Gang, especially with the 107 Hoover Criminals Gang. 112 Hoover Criminals, received unconditional support from the 107 Hoover Criminals Gang, during their bitter rivalry with the Los Angeles Denver Lanes Gangster Bloods.

Their main rivals are the Denver Lane Bloods and the 120 Raymond Ave Crips as well as the 112 Neighborhood Crips. Other rivals include Harvard Gangster Crips, 113 Original Blocc Crips, Gardena Paybacc Crips, and all East Coast Crips along with all Rollin 100s.




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