The 112 Neighborhood Crips (112NHC), also known as the 11-Deuce Neighborhood Crips, located on the West Side in  the West Athens, neighborhood of South Los Angeles, California. Their neighborhood is around 112th Street, between Western Ave and Van Ness Ave. The 112 Neighborhood Crips fall under the Neighborhood Crips and are part of the Rollin 100s Crips.

Allies & Rivals

112 Neighborhood Crips are allies of all gangs under the Neighborhood Crips (especially the 111 Neighborhood Crips and the 115 Neighborhood Crips) as well as the East Coast Crips along with gangs under the Rollin O’s Crips. Their main rivals are the 112 Hoover Criminals GangDenver Lane BloodsMiller Gangster BloodsWeirdos Gangster Bloods, and the  Avenue Piru Gang.




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  1. Don’t be FOOLED by the Crips name attached to this Shithole Ghetto Hood. The bottom line is that it is NIGGER AGAINST NIGGER. Makes out job easier.

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