It Just Got Real: Chris Brown In A Virginia Jail Placed In General Population

It Just Got Real Chris Brown In A Virginia Jail Placed In General Population



According to TMZChris Brown finally made the trek from an LA County lockup facility to a DC area jail. It reportedly took 5 days for Chris to fly with Federal Marshals from point A to point B and he is rumored to have been in restraint chains around his ankles and midsection the entire time.

But now TMZ is reporting that the jail he sits in while he awaits his latest trial in DC is much cushier and more plush than anything he experienced at the LA County correctional facility.

And since his attorney’s couldn’t get him out of this trial or get the current battery charges’s a good thing the jail is more comfy than the last one he was at because he will have to sit there for a while until this situation is resolved.

Unlike his last jail home… he gets to shower as much as he wants! Last time he reportedly could only take a shower once every two days.

An administrator at Northern Neck Regional Jail in Virginia confirms Chris is currently an inmate. The administrator was sure to make clear that Chris isn’t getting special treatment.

Chris has been placed in limited general population with no restrictions!  Meaning he gets to enjoy all the amenities of the facility, including:

– Daily showers
— TV
— Library
— Telephone
— Exercise
— Meals in the cafeteria

While this looks like Trump Towers compared to the hole he was thrown in to at the  L.A. jail  where he was locked down in solitary 23 hours a day there is still something that ain’t so great about it. He must take group showers and he will be circulating among the other inmates.


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