Druglord, Christopher Zambra Was Gunned Down In A Gangland Hit

Christopher Zambra

A POST MORTEM will be carried out on the body of 39-year-old Christopher Zambra today.

The Deputy State Pathologist Dr Margaret Bolster will conduct the exam.

According to sources, the deceased, who is well known to gardaí, was shot up to eight times, including once in the face.

A number of gunmen first approached him as he was sitting in a parked car in front of a relative’s home on Cooley Road. He exited his vehicle but was shot again, a number of times.

His body was found by emergency services the front garden of a property.

Shortly after the shooting, gardaí received reports of a Nissan Qashqai on fire at Benmadigan Road, a short distance away from the crime scene.

Zambra was cleared of murder last year but he was still at the centre of garda probes into a number of deaths in the west Dublin area.

He has been described as a major crime boss by multiple newspapers today, citing garda sources.

Zambra, a father-of-one was also a talented soccer player and a keen musician. On his website, he described himself as a singer songwriter.

“I play guitar piano and harmonica. I started off playing the guitar and progressed onto piano and harmonica, my musical influences are Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan. I’m also interested in other musical genres. I’m very family orientated and my family are a big source of inspiration for my music.”

Gardaí have issued an appeal for witnesses to the shooting and for information about the burnt-out car that was found shortly after.





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